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It's the Most, Wonderful time, of the year!

Happy First
day of December!

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I get to spend it with our homie friend in the ward and Sister Todd doing gel nails.  Get like us, my friends.

Thanksgiving was an adventure and by definition of adventure I mean I gained five lbs. judge me. We had TWO Thanksgiving Dinners and a Pie session over at the L. families. 
Best Days. 
The L's are super funny. I met P. in my first area and now I'm serving here so were buddies. His parents remind me of Grandma and Grandpa Stucki a little bit. Especially his dad. He's like the epitome of Grandpa Stucki. Funniest guy. 

He also enjoys my stories that I tell.  So I like him even more. He asked me to come back and tell him some more stories after I told him about the time 

Ty got a concussion from the COW and had short term memory loss.  So we would make up stories and make him cry and every five minutes we would make up a new one because he forgot all about it. 

...and the time Dylan convinced me to run up Majestic View Mountain with them and as I was running down I filmed myself as I tripped and fell and passed out and woke up all bloody and got it all on camera. 

...and the time Ethan convinced me to ride my bike to Horizon Elementary with him but didn't tell me both the tires were flat. 

...and how Ty would rope my boyfriends feet and trip him when he came over.

...and the time when Dad turned into the Hulk and smashed Dylan's iPhone into glass shards using only his fist. 

P's Dad asked what Spencer would do to Ty?  
And I was like oh man do you know what a "Arapaho" is? 
Big time lolz after I explained that one. 
There goes your pride Ty. It was funny cause when we were leaving I asked "is there anything we can do for you guys" and P's Dad was like, "yeah, just keep your brothers away from my house." Hahaha. 

But then he was like JK!  Come back and tell me more stories. I guess I never fully comprehended how wonderfully entertaining my family is.

But on that note.... 
Y'all should write me a letter with favorite childhood memories of crazy things we would do because I'm running out of good stories. Please send several thanks! I would also appreciate if you got on Ultimate Guitar.com and sent me the chords to the following songs... 
I'd rather be with you... by Joshua Radin 
Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
Any church song or hymn you can find 
Only hope by Mandy Moore
The Only Exception by Paramore
Any Christmas Song
I've been enjoying learning some new stuff on the guitar in my spare minutes. So I could use some more chords to practice. So I'm not just making stuff up. 

Sooooo Confession...

Rather than thinking up this entirely long Blog Post rant...
This week I just have two thoughts for you to think about in preface to the next couple weeks future Blog posts by Me and Momma Stook.

Thought number one #1:
Is kind of random...

But we were having a lesson at Panera Bread this week and I sat there observing the people around me.
Everyone was on their phones. 
The table to my left was this girlfriend and boyfriend probably in High School. The boy looked like he dressed up all cute for the girl and she was sitting on her phone and he was sitting there just... waiting and waiting and waiting.

Some date right??
So much for getting ready and looking nice if she's just gonna stare at her phone the entire time. 
Am I right?

The second table was this Mom and Daughter it looked like. 
The daughter was seriously probably only fourteen. And she sat there on her iPhone the entire time too! Her Mom just sat there. ...Like she bought her
this yummy lunch and it was just the two of them out together, probably for some bonding Mommy / Daughter time.  She was just texting away or scrolling away. And then to my utter most terror... She opened her cookie... and she did the unpardonable sin.

I imagine it was probably captioned "Giant Cookie & Bonding Time with My Mom ❤️✌️😘 #loveher"

And she probably got like fifty likes on it and all these girls thinking...
"Man I wish Me and My Mom were that close"
"I wish we went on Mother daughter Dates to Panera Bread!"
"I bet they are having so much fun."

...And yet their social interaction consisted of breathing in the same five foot vicinity of each other. 


Not that I know what ACTUALLY went down on her Instagram...
but I know I saw plenty of that bogus news feed back at home where people get all worried about documenting these highlight moments online and FORGET to actually make it a real highlight moment in real life...

Social Media is going to be the death of relationships.  I swear it. 

If I find out you, reading this, EVER go to Panera 
(or any Cafe Bistro for that matter) 
with your boyfriend / mom / buddies / family / etc. 
and you sit on your phone the whole time and / or post how much fun your having online while not even exchanging words..........
I will wallop you. 

...Like do you even know what I'd give to be sitting next to My Mom or Boyfriend right now???

and have a nice little conversation over Panera Bread soup bowls? 

Do you even know? 
Put your phone down and create a social interaction and memories and a lasting relationship. 

PLEASE. There's no iPhones in Heaven.

That's not doctrine, but it should be.

Building Real life Relationships > technology


Thought number two #2:

Is my preface to the next up coming Blog post that WILL be written by my mom, and posted this next week!!!(MOM)

(So check back soon) in case you haven't read my previous post from last week.  

Here is the low down. My mom runs this blog.
She is really good at it. But she's also incredibly good at a trillion other things. She's practically perfect, or so you'd think. I mean she has a perfect relationship with her High School sweet heart husband.  She has a perfect drop dead gorgeous face.  And perfect children......hey. 

But really, she's great. She's my role model. I'm literally her biggest fan. 

But I think one of the most interesting things about my mom, that I respect and admire is that her life is far from perfect. I've never personally met anybody so full of faith and hope. Especially somebody who has so many reasons to give into despair. That's a personal testament to me that God is real. That our Savior lives. That there IS Hope. Or else how would we make it

So I have asked her to share a bit of her story... some things that have CHANGED her. Obviously nothing too personal, due to the publicity of this blog. But to share her feelings and her testimony of the gospel. To tell her story. My hope is that her stories and thoughts will touch you as much as it does me. I hope it inspires you, and answers questions you may have personally. 

I thought of her stories as I was reading about something very personal to each of us.  Something I have been asked a lot as a missionary.  And that is about our trials, addictions, burdens, pains, heartaches, and tragedies. To sum it all up OPPOSITION. 

I came across this quote,
"Whenever tragedy occurs, we lament the things that will not
 be accomplished and the songs that will not be sung."

Among the most frequently asked questions of Church leaders are, 

"Why does a just God allow bad things to happen, especially to good people? Why are those who are righteous and in the Lord's service not immune from such tragedies?" (Elder Cook)  

How often do we hear this question? 
How often have you asked this question? 
Or something similar. 
I've heard it a lot... actually. 

If there is a God, Why did he allow this to happen to ME?
How do you feel about that statement? 
How would you respond to that question, if asked? 


No one of us is immune from that. But the thought that continually reoccurs in my mind is that God STILL has a plan. Even when you feel the world is ending.

Even when your life is falling apart. Even when life is unfair.
And even when you didn't DO anything wrong.

"There is no chance, no fate, no destiny that can circumvent or hinder 
or control the firm resolve of a determined soul."

I truly believe that. So how DO we carry on? When our burdens are simply too much to bare? I think the phrase "Songs that will not be sung" is interesting.

We immediately turn to that thought when tragedy strikes. But the comforting words of one of my favorite songs in the LDS HYMNALS answers back,

"Jesus listening can hear, the songs I cannot sing." 

The connection between the two phrases is interesting. Our mortal minds can
hardly fathom the thought that in this life we witness endings, where songs will not be sung and opportunities will be missed. 

But with the light of the gospel, we see that Jesus can hear those songs we can not sing, or opportunities we never got, or tragedies that may have

And through him...  All can be made right. Maybe not this second, or minute, or day, or even lifetime. But as we rely on him, we can experience peace in this life and our greatest joy is yet to come.

"The dove of peace sings in my heart,The flow'rs of grace appear.
For blessings which he gives me now, For joys "laid up" above."

All can be made right through the Grace of Jesus Christ. I'm leaving these thoughts open ended for you to think about. 

And for My Mom to write about with her story, her experience, her wisdom 
and her faith.

So stay tuned for the next Blog post...
by My Mom.
Love Always,
(via email December 1, 2014)

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