Bye Bye, Burkians

New Companion Sister Eddy

Goodbye... Sister Todd

Sister Schramm, my first companion & trainer is going home

Goodbye Lunch

Potomac River

I'm not quite sure if this kind of lunch... is allowed???

Saying goodbye to new friends

Good Morning!

2 blog posts this week cause *so much info*
So let this be blog post number one because I have the best news
ever!!! I found out this week that.... *drum roll plz*



One of our investigators informed us that there is a new movie called
Exodus and said it's way sick and showed us a pic and stuff and low and
behold, it was my man Christian Bale himself. I was so proud. I dunno
how good the movie actually is but I'm excited to see it. In six
months. The only other person who could have possibly been more
qualified would be our boy Kiefer. So I'm pleasantly surprised.
Speaking of Kiefer, has Ethan seem the new season of 24 yet? Hopefully
not because I'm so down to pull a marathon when I get home.

Little Caesars + green couch + kiefer & gang + sweats = paradisaical glory

And speaking of paradisaical glory, VA is the opposite of that right
now. In case you're wondering YES.  We are FREEZING. It's below twenty
degrees in the day.  It snowed and the wind chill is like negative
degrees. There's like snow tornadoes all day. I guess that's called a
blizzard but what do I know I'm from the south(ern utah)

My secondary post is finally that post about "Why I Decided to Serve"
Sorry it took so long. Busy days. Busy weeks. But I'll send that and
you can post it next with the pictures attached. Hoora. Read on
little blogger friends.

The other great news is this week was transfer week! I got to visit
quite a few people in Burke to say bye which was fun. I'm going to
miss a bunch of people here.  They are super awesome and I've had a
Wonderful Holiday Season and 3 transfers here. I keep promising people we
will come back and visit. .....so I hope mom and dad are still down to
come back and visit :) in July or something. I think it'd be fun to
come for the fourth. You ain't down?

Monday night I got a phone call and was asked to be a (STL) 
Sister Training Leader. And I said yeah so..

That's what happened.
Fortunately since I sent boxes home packing up was incredibly convenient. 
My second suitcase isn't about to explode.
*goals* anyways. Transfers were Thursday.

I got transferred to Ft. Belvoir. Ft. Belvoir is actually technically
a Military Base. We live outside of that for obvious reasons.  
It's a huge area. We have three sets of missionaries in our
Ward. Two elders and us. Also we are Sister Training Leaders for the
Mount Vernon Zone and stuff. And also my companion is Sister Madeline
Eddy. She's stellar. Oh yeah and we found each other on Insta BEFORE
our missions and texted. 
So it was meant to be. 
What of it? 
I'm super excited because she's cool.

Whatever cool entails.

So other details... Umm our church building is along side the Potomac
river and it's beautiful. It's also next to George Washington's house
in Mt. Vernon. Our apartment is clean and we get to go on exchanges with
Sisters (such as Sister Kennedy who is also super sick and emailed me
once or twice and stuff) So I'm kind of in HEAVEN except like a lower
heaven because heaven would mean I get to wear pants and eat without
getting fat and be married.
but like its good.

Tuesday we have to go to another zones training and train on a skill
by practice teaching in front of everyone. And by everyone I mean like
the Mission President and etc. So pray for us. It'll be good. I feel
like this week has been super long.  It's always awkward jumping into a
new area and trying to remember hundreds of names and street names and
area names and missionary names. 
But it's been fun and it's a great area.

Sunday we got to church and were helping fold the programs and noticed
that everything on the program said TBA. Then somebody came up to me
and was like...  Yeah... You're going to be asked to bear testimony in place
of a youth speaker. Oh. So welcome!  It was cool. A lot of people know
people from / or were from Southern Utah in this Ward so that is real
exciting. I feel like I've met lots of people with southern accents
too which is REALLY EXCITING.
I love that.

Anyhow, that's most of Transfers and my life right now. Pray that
the people find the missionaries and the missionaries find the people!

Sister Madison Paige Stucki
(January 12, 2015)
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