We enjoyed relaxing on our p-day where we had done the service clean up

Happy Easter

Wow, it's been a crazy week.

Sister Eddy is now Madeline Eddy to start off. 😱 We dropped her off at Presidents house on Thursday along with tons of other missionaries to fly home on Friday. Crazy how fast time has gone by. I think I'll miss that one. No words. Here are some pictures.

Goodbye... My Friend :)

So... that leaves me running Fort Belvoir by myself. I don't have a companion! President must really trust me. Cool huh?

I'm in a trio with Sister Fakatou and Malufau. One is Tongan the other is Hawaiian. They are chill. We are covering both areas (Kingstowne) and mine. So we are super busy and are back and forth a lot. Fortunately the areas are pretty close together.

My first night here I fell asleep pretty quick. But it was super humid and hot and they had both been sick and I picked up their disease. It must have been in the air or something. Seriously like I think I'm going to die. At first I thought it was just allergies but nope it's definitely a cold. Yay. When will I be healthy again? Probably in St. G.

No. But other than that they are pretty "cool." Very chill people as you can see. We have zone teaching this week so I'm kind of nervous that I'll have to teach on something and stinking Sister Eddy isn't here soooo I'm going to force them to help me. Ha. Hahahahaa.

Real transfers are on Thursday so I'll get a companion then and go back to Fort Belvoir. That's pretty much the Biggest news this week. I'm on my 12 week countdown to come home! I'm excited. Watching Sister Eddy pack up and leave made me so stoked. Summer is going to be awesome. I literally come home next transfer.  Hoorah.

It's finally starting to warm up a little here. Birds and flowers are starting to pop out. It's just so windy so we are back and forth between fifty degrees and seventy... blah. Soon it will be real summer. Did you get my package of clothes?

Oh! Before I forget.
DAD: I had been teaching this guy online, on Facebook a month or two ago named ..... We continued answering questions for him via texting and Skype. He lives in Hurricane, Utah and he is in his twenties. We told him the quickest way to get in contact with missionaries in Utah is literally to just go to church and ask the Bishop, or ultimately any member he saw. So he did. Long story short the Elders are teaching him and he is on date to be baptized in April. I think the eighteenth. Who are your missionaries? Do they cover Hurricane? Do they know anything about the Hurricane missionaries or .......? You should ask and find out. I'll probably Skype the baptism when it happens. Cool eh?

Lol of the week:

Chew on grapes instead of chew :) - (Sister Stucki via text)

Lol -(friend)

Does lol mean you agree? - (Sister Stucki via text)

No lol means "laugh out loud" -(friend)

I'm like twenty. I know that. -(Sister Stucki via text)

Oh. Lol. -(friend)


Speaking of quotes

How was it? What insight did you gain? I hope you took questions to Conference with you and gained new insight and revelation. Considering this was the last General Conference I'll have on my mission... I had plenty of good "home questions" I'M NOT TRUNKY. Here are some of mine!


(staying motivated, better leader, learn before I come home, keeping good habits after mission, how to feel successful, remember what I've learned, help others to desire serving?)

"Make sure you have ROOTS.  If you understand the importance and have it engraved deep within you, you will not give up or leave because of offenses, trials, isolation's or whatever." -Oaks

"Belief, faith and testimony are not passive. Keep acting." -Clayton

"We can not be content with mediocrity when excellence is within our reach."

"Missionaries, don't swan dive back into life and spiritual consequences. Don't waste time." -Pearson


(I.E. I had lots of questions about "marriage" and "families" and how to have a happy marriage and happy family. Hopefully these quotes are Self explanatory.)

"True love happens after marriage. True love comes from being sealed together for time and all eternity... when covenants are made and kept love lasts throughout eternity..... " -Packer

"Life without him would not be life! (Mark Twain) ... Don't degrade or put down men for their most important role which is a husband and a father.... Marriage is for a man and a woman. Exact opposites who compliment, suit and complete each other.... Don't compete! Encourage and be happy for each others successes.... Stop and enjoy family time and thank him for the happiness he brings into your home... Don't talk bad about him!... How often do we intentionally speak kind words to each other? Praise, thank, apologize don't be negative and be happy!" -Burton

"Family is the key to eternal happiness." -Perry

"A commitment to family and marriage is number one in priorities." -Perry

"Marriage is more than your love for each other, marriage is from God."-Christofferson

"All those who are capable of eternal marriage, should not put off that day because of worldly pursuits."

God basically said GET MARRIED!


(careers, schooling, kids, managing time and money effectively, social media)

"Getting sealed to your spouse and having children, sealed for time and all eternity, is the end goal of the church." -Packer

"Our commitment is a test and it's not supposed to be easy. Keep priorities fixed and set." -Oaks

"Social media and technology has changed how we behave. Try visiting church resources and subscribing to church social media and make time to set aside all electronics and digital devices to spend time with family without the distractions." -Tiexera

"Don't fall into the trap of casual commandment keeping. Never get tired of discovering and rediscovering gospel truths. Cherish the spirit. Make it your desire to have it with you always. Be converted." -Cause

"Turn to Christ everything else is just words." -Pearson


(serve other people, help those you love making poor decisions, blogging, not let old friends or bad habits influence who you've become but still love them?)

"Lift, love, compliment, appreciate." -Burton

"There will always be spiritual light but it is a choice. God doesn't force, he invites." -Clayton

"I can teach you to dance, but you have to hear the music. Dance steps are just the things we do, which takes discipline. But hearing the music is the spirit, the feelings and the joy. DON'T BE AFRAID TO DANCE. Be an example, teach, keep practicing even when it's a struggle."

"There's always those members who seem to know exactly who needs help and how. Seek them out! Heavenly Father knows what you're doing so who else really matters? BE A SHIBLON." -Ringwood

"Fasting and giving fast offerings is how we can help others... When we reach out to someone Christ feels that love. - Eyring

"How to respond to those who have lost their way? Just like the prodigal son parable, you have to love them and sometimes after all you can do just let go, watch and wait. Don't give up, show genuine love. You can't embrace their choices but surely you can embrace them. Have patience. Sometimes they don't know they're lost until they've been found. All of us are really lost, we all need Christs love and atonement. We are really walking the same path home." -Nielsen


(confidence, compassion and love, what do I need to work on, what does God expect of me, enjoy living in the moment, get rid of grass is always greener attitude?)

"Don't try to always be right." -Burton

"Don't become involved in materialism. Material things are okay but is that where your heart is?" -Oaks

"We're better off when we have a commitment (or are accountable) and don't just make personal choice." -Perry

"Look to Christ, build foundation, press forward. You can step out of the boat but you have to follow through.... We don't fear God, we fear facing things as they really are. We fear ourselves, what we've really become...we need Christs grace and mercy to overcome. His perfect love casteth out all fear."-Bednar

"A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying. God cares less about who we were and more about who we are becoming. Even if you have been a deliberate, conscious sinner, as soon as you desire to change, you can. It's not the Holy Ghost who tells us were so far gone." -Renlund

"Be too focused to worry about titles or labels or stereotypes." -Ringwood

"Are we on autopilot going through the motions or do we understand? Why is obedience important? Like Paul said shall we do fine in sin and let grace abound? Heaven forbid!" -Uchtdorf

What are the top 3 things I learned in General Conference that will bless my life right now at this time?

Marriage and families are a TOP priority.

We should continually be converting and changing ourselves to become closer to Christ.

Don't let the materialism, people of the world or things of the world drag you down 
or make you change or alter your beliefs or standard of living.

One other cool experience we had this week.
We were sitting in the foyer in the church after an Easter party and this girl walks in to use the restroom then comes out and talks to us and starts asking us questions. Turns out she wasn't a member but her best friend is and is on a mission. We've taught her two lessons. Cool right? How many times does somebody walk into a church building to find the doors are unlocked and three missionaries are chillin' on the couch waiting for you?


It was awesome.

Also were teaching a girl in the wards friend named B... who wants to get baptized.  She is in high school. She's super cool. She's gonna come ball with us since, these two ball. AND we're gonna jam because we currently have an acoustic guitar and a ukulele. Perks of Hawaiian / Tongan companions.

J. is doing good. Actually he has the same sickness as me. So that happened.


It's been a good week other than the being sick part. In case you're wondering what Sister Eddy's up to... here is a pick. Blaaaahhhh. Non missionary people. Whatever. Real life Transfers are this Thursday, so I will get my perma companion. yipeeeeeeeeee.

Love you guys, see you in 86 days

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April 6, 2015

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