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-Sister Eddy goes home on Friday
-I don't know where I will be transfers are next Thursday.  Sorry.
-Can you print and send photos from the last four months please?
-I have 2 transfers left.  
-I sent a package of clothes home. Can you wash them and organize them in a box?
-We had MLC this week.

LOL of the week:

(Sis. Stucki) ~ Did you meet a new friend at church this week? 
~"That lady put her arm around me because she needed more space 
not because she loved me."
(Sis. Stucki) "Oh." *nervous laugh* 

Quote of the week:
Your ego is both the good AND the bad things you think about yourself. 
Most of it isn't true. What is true is that if you spend so much time only worrying about yourself, your being egocentric. So stop. -guy at AA mtg

This family was heaven sent.

We have been teaching J.  at a families home for a couple weeks now.  Every time I leave I'm continually amazed at how spot on this family is when it comes to what we as missionaries consider "fellowshipping." What is fellowshipping you might ask? Think of it this way..

Two missionaries...  who are strangers knock on your door and want to present life changing doctrine of Christ to you. You're excited to learn and want to be a part, but everything is foreign to you. You walk into church and see new faces. They talk about new ideas. They live a different way of life. It's like everything else in life, when you move to a new town, when you join a new yoga class, when you go to a new school. 


The trip is, this is The Church of Jesus Christ. It's important. It's essential. Obviously we want to do as Christ asked us to when he said to love our neighbors, and lift each others burdens. We want everyone to feel comfortable, welcomed and loved. Sadly the two missionaries can't provide this support for a congregation of 3-500 people (both members and those learning about the church) ALONE. Neither can the Bishop, or even all the leaders combined. We need everyone. Everyone has been commissioned to be a missionary, teacher, friend and fellowshipper in the church. 

I've learned more and more about the importance of this. When I get home from my mission I will no longer be a full time missionary. But I can be a member missionary. 
And this means FELLOWSHIPPER.

To everyone. Over the course of my mission I've watched people and began to understand how they are so missionary minded. So I'm just going to walk right through the life and qualities of the ideal "Fellowshipper."

First of all... we are taught that the Lord puts people in the path of his prepared servants. How do we prepare? Well, by doing the basics. Praying. Studying. Attending church. Doing the things we need to do to have spiritual experiences throughout our day. In the General Women's Conference we had this weekend  someone talked about how there are people all around us praying for help, seeking for strength. And God has promised to help them.  We are the ones that need to listen to the promptings and be the "angels" sent to help others. Think about it. How many times in your life has a friend or family member or stranger been a miracle in your own life when you were struggling? Do you believe their help or thoughts was a coincidence? Or do you believe God impressed and inspired them to serve?

As we study, pray and do the simple things to prepare ourselves, God will put prepared people in our path. People seeking for help. We are Gods hands. But we have to show him that he can trust us and that we are prepared! The ideal fellowshipper or member missionary will be lifting themselves spiritually first, so that they will be ready to help others.

I feel like the ideal fellowshipper is selfless. That they really do care about the welfare and well being of other individuals. I believe an ideal fellowshipper is full of charity as well. Charity and love for all of Gods children. Sometimes when we find people seeking help they are at their lowest point. Often times we have to give and give... with no return. Because that's what Christ would do. Somehow it always yields great results, blessings and experience when we loose ourselves in selfless service. 

The ideal fellowshipper needs to put themselves in the shoes of other individuals. We need to remember that not everybody has walked our tracks. Not everybody has the same testimony or conviction as we do. Some people have never missed a Sunday service, some people are attending their first. You simply never know. So when you are teaching, or sharing testimony or speaking DO NOT act as if everyone knows as much as you do. Avoid saying things such as...

"We ALL know the story of Shiblon in the book of Alma 

where he *blah blah blah*"
-seriously like nobody even knows this story especially those who are new to the church 

"OBVIOUSLY we are supposed to be teaching our children about Paul's journey on the road to Damascus and....."

-How was I ever so OBVIOUSLY going to know about this?

"I'm sure you all felt the same way when you were on your missions because.."

-Not everybody has served a mission *gasp*

Also, do not ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever criticize, compare or complain about other church services or religious sects while teaching. AH. This is NOT something the gospel teaches. NOT something all people condone or agree with. And NOT what leaders of the church would do or approve of. I think it's low when churches will teach doctrine against other churches. Because, if your church is true, and right... Why wouldn't you teach the true and right doctrine alone? Without discriminating or putting down anyone else's beliefs. Very rarely have I been in this situation BUT I have heard it. I pride myself in believing at church services we teach the gospel of Christ. We don't teach AGAINST other specific denominations. In fact it's not even talked about. So don't do that. {petPeeves}

The ideal fellowshipper is watchful and aware. How often do you walk into church and see someone sitting alone? How often do you see somebody you do not know? Do you introduce yourself to them? Do you invite them to dinner? Do you ask if they are in need? Now there is the argument of "I'm busy" "I'm not a people person" "I'm shy" oh believe me I KNOW. But let's Remember that when we were baptized we promised to mourn with those who mourn, comfort those who stand in need of comfort. We ultimately promised to help and serve Gods children all the days of our lives. Easily we can go about our day and ignore or be naive to those suffering around us. I've done that my entire life! But if we are being honest with ourselves, we can do more to go out of our way to seek those who need our helping hand. We have gifts, talents and love we can share. Why aren't we sharing them more often? Everyone is going through something. You simply won't know who until you reach out. And oh that's so selfless and time consuming, and there seems to be no return or instant blessings, but the blessings come in time. They always come in time.

Exchange numbers. Let people know you are there whenever you need them. My favorite thing is when people give out their numbers and check up on each other. It's like sealing the deal as friends right there. And it's nice to know you have people to ask questions to at the click of a button. On the other hand it's so easy to shoot somebody a kind text and wish them a lovely day. When is the last time you texted or called somebody just to tell them you were thinking of them? To encourage them? To compliment them? Or to tell them you admire them? 

Another thing to remember is to PARTICIPATE in lessons and teachings and activities. Participate. Not only does it help the teacher or leader out, but it takes one person to break the ice and everyone else will participate too. And not that only, but everyone has different personalities and likes and dislikes and you never know who you will touch with your advice and experience. In fact, it's crucial to participate to inspire other people.

Serve. serve. serve. Always serve. Do kind things. Drop off a plate of cookies. Invite to dinner. Share an Family Home Evening night with another family. Invite your neighbors over. Compliment somebody. Help someone with their groceries. Offer to clean up their yard. Smile. Listen to them talk.

DO SOMETHING. Do something for somebody else. 

All my life I have felt I was a good Christian for waking up getting dressed going to church, listening, and going home. Never did it occur to me that friends and fellow shipping was important in any way shape or form. I've told myself that it's better to be independent and not rely on anyone. That we go to church to listen and not to make friends.


Maybe that's true to some. To some extent. But HONESTLY... We all need people and relationships more that we let on. We ALL do. You have no real idea of what somebody else is going through. Even the people with the most walls, the most stand offish humans on earth need somebody. They just do. And maybe you'll get rejected, so what.

I just feel so strongly that there is so much more we can be doing for other people. To make their lives a little bit easier, a little bit happier. I know for one, I've been so blessed. I've been given so much. What reason do I have not to give back? In big or small ways. I don't believe one big service project covers us all year. I don't think fellow shipping or being selfless is a one time event. I think it's a life style. It's who we are and what we are becoming.

I've found so much joy and fulfillment in serving others.
When all is said and done I really don't think there is a better feeling than serving. Making somebody else besides yourself happy. It's a fulfilling responsibility. 

Really I just want to challenge you, reading this, to be an ideal Fellowshipper TODAY.  To go about your day with a watchful eye. Look for those who could use a helping hand, or simply somebody to talk to. To smile a little more. To serve a little more. To love a little more. Honestly you can make so much of an impact on the life of an individual. So why not?

The purpose of this whole thing... fellow shipping, missionary work, etc. 
Is because the gospel of Christ is important, crucial.

I am so blessed to have the knowledge I do. And many people don't have it. We have the responsibility to help others find it. There is a new video that came out for Easter time. You can find it at www.helives.mormon.org this video is precisely why we do missionary work. So that as an entire world, we can all come together in unity and understanding that the most important knowledge you can have in this earthly existence is that 


Jesus Christ lives and he is with us always. That no matter what happens here, he lives and loves us. He is our Savior and Redeemer. And with him nothing is impossible. All of our worldly problems and sorrows and negativity can and will be taken away if we let him! We need him. 

And he needs us to be disciples, to be examples, to share this knowledge with the entire world.

"Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? 

He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. 
He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.

He saith to him again the second time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? 

He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. 
He saith unto him, Feed my sheep.

He saith unto him the third time, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me? 

Peter was grieved because he said unto him the third time, Lovest thou me? And he said unto him, Lord, thou knowest all things; thou knowest that I love thee. 

Jesus saith unto him, Feed my sheep."

John 21:15-17

"Great blessings come to those who put the Lord's work first in their lives."

Love you.
Don't forget to watch General Conference while seeking for revelation! Bring questions.
Happy Easter!

Sister Stucki
March 30, 2015
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