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These posts are getting more and more myopic I think that means I need to go home.
Lolz.  Soon guys. soon.

Barbara's baptism went super stinkin' good. Her mom, grandma and sister came. They loved it.  There were tons of people there. I stinking cried when I gave my talk.  Dang it. It was an incredibly spiritual baptism. She bore her testimony at the end and it was such a powerful testimony.  It's like she has been a member her entire life. I think it made all the difference having gospel influences and being uplifted daily with seminary, church, mutual, missionary lessons etc. Because I have never heard a recent convert bear such a powerful witness of truth. Goes to show how important those little things are that we are asked to do.

This includes daily prayer and scripture study. Family home evening. Seminary and institute. Firesides. Church. General Conference. Mutual. Youth activities. The whole thing.

It was awesome. We also went to the new member fireside with her and C. in McLean on Sunday. It was fun. We are going to teach her mom this Tuesday. Pray for their family.

Well I officially, literally have less than two months left. My 17 month mark is tomorrow. I know that doesn't make sense my mission is like 18 months and 3 weeks long don't ask me why.  It just is. 

Today I'm actually pretty excited to come home #trunk

It differs day to day how I feel. I'm pretty stoked for that 100+ degree weather that makes your skin tingle and get super dark. And the cold water. And the swig drinks. And shopping! And listening to Jason Lancaster blaring in the car. 

I also miss having a big bed that isn't infested with ants and spiders. And wearing sweatpants whenever I want and staying up all night and sleeping in. I know this is probably unrealistic for my future but at least I can do it for a couple months until summer is over.  Right? 

I'm pretty positive the first full day I'm home Ty and I are hitting up the river with our DB boards and Go pros. (Correct?) What are y'alls plans for July? We should do something sweet. Eh?

8 Weeks


We are still working hard. We are finding like crazy and found some sweet people this week, along with teaching all these new converts and less active members. We stay busy 24/7. But always in the back of my mind it makes me feel good to know that I'll get to see all my fave people this next season.

Summer is the best time of the year I tell ya.

This week we had Sisters conference and Zone conference.
It was great but also I think I have ADD because 8 hour meetings..... = 😫

We have a half mission conference and MLC this week so #round2

Josh is doing great we had a new member lesson with him about the Restoration and it was sweet. We had dinner at a members home. And he has been working like crazy. I think he enjoys it though because he's been looking for a job.  So it came around perfect timing.

Barbara's sweet too. We met her family and they are hilarious and super awesome. We're excited to teach them too. I hope I pick up some of their sweet accent and figures of speech. Like

"Child, please."

"I'm done which y'all."

"I seen them doin this."

"Girl, no you ain't."


How is everyone at home doing? I never hear anything anymore guys. OH when exactly are we going up to Idaho for Brenton's farewell thing? I am going to see if I can hit up some mission friends while we are up there.

Wanna hear another Peter story?


64 But there are some of you that believe not. 
For Jesus knew from the beginning who they 
were that believed not, and who should betray 

65 And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that 
no man can come unto me, except it were 
given unto him of my Father.

66 ¶From that time many of his disciples went 
back, and walked no more with him.

67 Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye 
also go away?

68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to 
whom shall we go? thou hast the words of 
eternal life.

69 And we believe and are sure that thou art 
that Christ, the Son of the living God.
John 6:64-69

Tell 'em Pete.
That guy is a champ and a half, I love Peters story.

I'm doing this thing where I read a chapter of the book of Mormon and a chapter of the New Testament every morning in hopes that by the time June roles around I'll be exactly half way through both books and will be so pumped about being in the middle of these stories that I'll keep up my scripture reading habit ever so diligently acquired over the last 17months.


I think it's powerful, when Jesus asks "will ye go away also?" And Peters response is "lord to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life and we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ the son of the living God." 


In 1977 there was a talk given that emphasizes these few verses. It says..

"When Jesus first began to preach strong doctrines (the scriptures refer to these as 'hard sayings'), many of those who followed Him 'went back, and walked no more with him.' Once His doctrines really began to make demands of people, 
it was too much for many. 
There are equivalent 'hard sayings' about our secular societies that one hesitates to utter but which need to be heard. They are not popular. ... A truth may touch us, bore us, or merely make us uncomfortable. But those are reactions to truth, and reactions do not alter the reality of truth itself. ... Hard sayings ... when pondered, may make it easier to let go of the world. ...
Complexity is scarcely the cause, for the gospel is so plain and simple. Rather, the failure to comprehend seems to be rooted in a resolute refusal to let go of the world long enough to ponder the precious truths in the message of the Master." 

Just like in the time of The New Testament, LIVING THE GOSPEL IS HARD.

Each one of us is put into situations, daily, where we are figuratively being asked that exact same question Jesus Christ asked PETER and his disciples that day. You may not hear that question word for word, but when you're placed in a situation where you must choose between right and wrong, or you have to choose to live gospel standards or not, it's the same thing.

The question always boils down to

temptations are out there.
The gospels message, standards and truth is Christs message, 
His standards and truth.

"Will you go away also?"

Sometimes living the gospel is hard. Sometimes it is uncomfortable. But like the quote above says, those are just reactions to truth and it doesn't change the truth. We need to change ourselves. 

We need to align our will with Gods. 
Because who else are we going to run to? 
Where else are we going to go? 
What else really matters? 

Personal Evaluation: (be real okay?)
Where are you on this path? How much do you involve God in your life? How much do you rely on the Savior and his atonement? How often do you think about these things? Where is your focus? Is it on God? Or is it on the world?

If you've drifted from this whole having God involved in your life.....
What is your end goal, without God? 
Without a Savior, Jesus Christ?

no matter what your great plans and ideas are, they equal nothing if you are not involving God in them. (#hardsayings) (sorrynotsorry) He is the divine creator of all things. Worldly things can bring you temporary happiness. But that's just it. It's temporary, without God your selling yourself short.

There's a great quote by Henry Ford that says
"Thinking is such hard work, that's why so few people do it."

(Lol Ford props)
But really.
Where are you at right now with God in your life?
Think about it.

Do you allow him to help you? Guide you? 
Do you ask him questions and seek for answers?
Are you willing and humble enough to follow his path and direction for you?
Do you trust him with that?
Are you sure that he has an eternal plan for you?
That he will work things out for you?
Do you feel him there?

Lately we've been working with a lot of less active members of the church. People who have somehow and somewhere along the line, drifted away. I don't think anyone plans on falling away, or plans to fall away from gospel standards. I don't think if faced with the question of "will you go away also?" many people would say "yup!" But they do. I think it all starts when we forget to do the small things. 

Small things like reading, praying, attending church.
Serving others, being selfless, listening and following promptings from God.

The things that when looked over, we think to ourselves, it won't hurt us! It's such a minute detail of my life. But over a period of time you look back and see you've traveled a long way. I've learned over the course of my mission we need constant, daily, spiritual upliftments and reminders. What makes us think we can go days or weeks without refueling our spiritual needs? What makes us think we are not vulnerable to falling away?

I love Peters response to the Lord

"Lord, to 
whom shall we go?"

Where do you go?
Who do you rely on?
Where is your focus?

"We believe and are sure that thou art 
that Christ, the Son of the living God."

He's definitely there
He is the way
But WE have to open our lives up to him.
We have to fix our lives on him.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to be a missionary! I'm so grateful that I've had the privilege to spend the past seventeen months learning and learning and learning. Serving a full time mission has been one of the greatest blessings, advantages and experience of my life thus far. 

I always think about particular people that I love 
and I wish I could just have them sit next to me as a missionary 
and listen to the things I listen to, 
see the things I see, 
feel the things I feel. 

Too bad that's not how this whole "life" thing works though right? Sometimes I wish so badly I could help people see, help them know and help them understand. I'm sure God feels that way constantly as he watches each of us shift our focus. Or go down the wrong path.

I know the best thing I can do, the best thing each of us can do is simply love. And wait. And love and wait again. But I want you to know that I am grateful for my Savior, that he loves me and knows me and sacrifices for me individually. I'm grateful to know that! I'm grateful for a Father in heaven, who has continually led me to were I need to be. Who has blessed me beyond anything, and who continually provides a way for me to change and grow and become something more. So that I can have the opportunity to live with my family for eternity.

I'm grateful
grateful for the little things.

Sister Stucki
May 4, 2015
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