Last 30 Days as a Missionary in DC South

We are going to a Memorial Day breakfast and then hiking in Great Falls so I won't actually be on until this after noon at maybe one or two my time. But here's this:


(heart face emoticon)

I've literally got thirty days starting tomorrow. 
I'm so stoked guys.
June 26th is gonna be a party. 
Let's get Swig drinks 
and climb the Red Rock mountains
Or something.
I can't wait to be in St. George.
I stinking love that place.

*heart emoji*

This week we went fishing with Josh! And guess how many fish I caught? Fourteen! I have a new talent. Basically everything in our trio is a competition. So I'm the new fishing master. Sister Eaton dominates at Uno and Stewart dominates at.... Corn hole. Don't ask we had a BBQ with our neighbors and they are super into that game. It was Lolz.

There are a ton of ticks out right now. Honestly my biggest goal in life is to come home without contriving Lyme's disease in the last four weeks of my mission. 

Also the humidity is making my skin do crazy things. I hope it adjusts back quickly to the dry heat and doesn't like... Dry up and fall off. #issues

This week we have done a TON of finding new investigators. A TON OF IT. We have met some pretty cool people we are going to start teaching. One cool thing about a trio though is when we go tracking we will bring Caleigh  (a laurel) with us and my companions will go tract and me and Caleigh will go tract. So we are covering way more ground in the same amount of time and meeting way more people. Our goal is to have 8-10 PROGRESSING investigators by the end of the transfer, and two more baptisms here in Fort Belvoir. It's also beneficial because Caleigh wants to go on a mission so it's like pre-mission training with Stucki ;) 

It's a pretty sweet idea.
Win win all around.

We have started teaching B's 16 year old sister.  She is praying about baptism and wants to be baptized at the end of June. She is a cool girl. B of course is at the lessons and she's a Rock star. She already has her scripture mastery down and just spouts out scriptures during the lesson. It's sweet! I didn't even ever memorize those things. I'm incredibly impressed with her growth and testimony of the gospel already. It hasn't even been a month since she's been baptized. It's incredible! She's an amazing example to her sister.  They are the cutest. We are excited to have them both in laurels. They make up 2 of the 3 laurels in the laurel class. Wahoo.

Josh is doing really good too. He's working towards doing family history and going to do baptisms for ancestors at the temple. He also REALLY wants a calling (especially in Boy Scouts) all he talks about is serving in the church so hopefully Bishop gets that done soon because he's stoked about it. He would rock Boy Scouts too. He's such a boy. 

We had a sweet lesson about the gospel of Jesus Christ at the S. home with him. We each prepared a topic (faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, enduring to the end) to share with everyone for the lesson. We asked Josh to prepare to share about the Holy Ghost. He came with a notebook and scriptures and everything. Scriptures I NEVER SHARED  with him.  Go figure. He is awesome. He bore powerful testimony of the spirit in his life and how it changed him. He talked about how when he wasn't following Gods law, he didn't feel the spirit and began to doubt Gods existence, but God didn't forget him and eventually he made his way back. It was sweet.  He started to tear up a bit. Dang. 

There's hardly anything more cool than seeing a recent convert preach it.
I love this whole "missionary" thing, where else do you get to be a part of this stuff?
If you know where, Sign me up for it.

We are keeping super busy here. Thank goodness. We are doing tons and tons of less active work as well. There's probably like six hundred names on our ward list but at church on Sunday there's maybe 250 people. So that just gives you a little ratio of how much work we have to do. 
Fort Belvoir is a busy busy place.

For Memorial Day we are having a breakfast at the church at eight thirty in the morning and everyone is invited. After Sister Eaton, B. C. I.& I are going to Great Falls to go hiking. It's a beautiful hike in the McLean area with huge waterfalls. I will send pictures next week. We are stoked. Sister Stewart is going to the temple with some other people. It's nice having a trio because it's easy to split up with other Sisters and Etc.

Other than that it's pretty lame. Haha.
I've never been a fan of working in threes.
Even in elementary school.


I came across this grand old scripture in Jacob this week. It says:

"Seek not to council the Lord, but to take council from his hands."

Jacob 4:10

So often, especially in my personal prayers, I tend to focus more on what I want and need and think and believe rather than aligning my will with Gods will. He probably Lolz at me all the time because in reality he has the best plan. 

Kind of like this whole serving a mission thing, it wasn't my plan at all. But it was definitely the best plan. And each of the areas I've served in, were definitely Gods plan not mine. But I'm so grateful because each of the areas I have served in and each of the individuals I have served with have helped me grow and learn something new and something different.

Things I would never have learned had I not come out here and served. I'm really grateful for Gods infinite wisdom and council. It's hard to recognize it sometimes when we are so caught up in our own plans and what we think will benefit us right now. But ultimately, he has the greater plan.

And sometimes it hurts a lot to give up hopes, dreams, aspirations, good ideas, what we thought was the path for us. Whether that be relationships, career paths, living locations, time, schooling, hobbies, etc. Because sometimes we think our plan looks so perfect and makes us so happy. I know I thought that about my life plans a couple years back.

But ultimately Gods plan will bring us the most happiness.  We just need to learn to trust him. I'm Grateful I took a second to pause and think and took a leap of faith to come on my mission. I look back now and see a whole different path I could have traveled had I not heeded Gods council rather than my own. And it's rather scary to think about.

More often than not our plans our superficial and only bring us temporary joy and satisfaction. But when we look deep within or down the road there are roadblocks and bumps and it all gets stifled.  

I'm grateful for a loving God who has a plan.
I'm learning more and more everyday to heed his council rather than my own.
To really trust him.

I'm a pretty stinking lucky woman.
Or pretty stinking blessed.
Or both.

Love you guys!

Sister Stucki 
May 25, 2015
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