Dang APRIL is ending already? Is this a joke?

I'm getting nervous that I will leave Fort Belvoir soon and I feel like
there is so much more to do.  I just need the time. Time is never on our
side. This week was eccentric. With a positive connotation.

Monday we went to Gunston Hall with the Rothermel's. The Rothermel's are
headed home this week.  Their mission is over. Gunston Hall is home of
George Mason, the "forgotten founding father" friends of the big
guy..... GW. (George Washington)

It was neat.

He had a load of property back in his day. Afterwards we literally
spent all day cleaning out the mini(van). It looks a lot better.  Some
things will never change though.

Monday evening was insanely stormy. Apparently there was a tornado
warning.  But nobody told us UNTIL it was too late. Oops. We were out in
Alexandria at B's house having a lesson. President Riggs texted
everyone telling them to go home.

So we did.

That was the end of that night.  We got shut down! There was a sweet
lightning storm outside. The next day it was bright and sunny.

Oh Virginia.

We went on exchanges on Tuesday. I stayed here with Sister Maw. We had
a jam packed day visiting everyone. That evening we had a lesson with
J. and then his interview with President Burton. We could hear them
laughing in there. Idk why. I think they just hit it off because they both
speak Spanglish. It was cool.

We configured skype so J. could skype his kids, and Sister Eddy could
skype into the baptism from FarmVille Idaho. ;)

Wednesday we switched back to the normal. We had another lesson with
Barbara who is rock solid awesome.  We went to an AA meeting with J. and
filled out the baptism papers.  We then helped out a member in the
ward for the rest of the evening. It was a good night.

Thursday we had ANOTHER exchange. I went to Mount Vernon with Sister Ellis.
Funny, she was my sister training leader. She goes home this transfer.  
Again... time flies. It was pretty crazy because at the end of our night
we checked on one of their neighbors who recently got married. She
came to the door and didn't look good at all. She's a young girl
probably my age but she looked really pale... Grey almost. And was
acting real strange. Like slow. We talked to her for a minute and gave
her our information and then she said "can you guys come in so I can
sit down?" We took but one step in the door when she started blacking
out. Sister Ellis caught her thankfully and I grabbed the door. Her
eyes were open but she was totally losing consciousness. Fortunately
Sister Ellis is super tall and strong so she held onto her while I ran
into her house and grabbed a pillow and we just laid her down in her
hallway in front of her door. Sister Ellis elevated her feet so the
blood would rush to her head and I ran and grabbed some cranberry
juice and a cold rag out of their kitchen.

Oddly enough it wasn't too frightening because I was excited to be on
the other side of this story for once! Usually I'm the one who wakes
up with my feet in the air and people shoving juice down my throat.
I'm glad I have experiences blacking out enough times to know what to
do when somebody passes out on you on their front porch. (Lolol)

She regained consciousness pretty quick (luckily) and told us her
husband (of one month) was out getting food and would be home soon. So
we sat with her for five or ten minutes. She looked really sick. I guess
she had a cyst or something. But we both think she's probably anemic
too. Not that I'm a doctor or anything but I looked exactly like that
when my iron levels were shot.... Dead.

The best part is when her husband came home. We heard him unlocking
the door and we were like okay...  here we go...  hopefully he's not armed
because this is gonna look really funny. He opens the door looks down
and his face is in shock! I mean two strangers holding your wife on
the ground looking like she's dead.... He looked like he was going to
punch us both in the face. And he is in the military so I wouldn't
doubt that was his first thought! Sister Ellis was just like...

Don't freak out!

And then... he almost freaked out

And she was like...


We are just missionaries from her Church. He walked in and dropped to
his knees and looked absolutely terrified. I was horrified to.  I
thought I was gonna be the next one laid out on the ground haha. But
we explained what happened and helped him figure things out and
offered help and left. He was super appreciative. They both were glad
that we were there just at the right time to catch her and etc etc.
So that was cool. Played doctor for a second.


I got the videos and pictures of everyone and there Eagle Scout things
and basketball. Loved them. They were super funny. I can't believe Eli
can make a basket. My companion and I were laughing pretty hard.

We did a lot of preparing for zone conference. We have to teach at
this next week. *tears*  so many meetings this week I think I
might die. And B's baptism. Busy busy busy.

So the most exciting news of this week and the news you've probably
all been waiting for is....



Just kidding. The news of the week is



Honestly, this is the NEW Best thing of my mission. 
The whole journey...  not just Saturday. 
The whole thing was a miracle from God.

GUYS. Ever since day one God has been leading J. to this. 

There were so many set backs, hold ups, road blocks, things to overcome to
figure out. But so many blessings, learning experiences and miracles.
I can't even believe it. He got baptized on APRIL twenty fifth! 2015!

We dropped by his house Friday night and visited with his family and

dropped off the tie from mom (and us) he loved it. We also took them
some Oreo truffles, which, btw I'm professional at making now thanks.
He was so excited for his baptism. And his family had the camera all
ready to go. 

Saturday morning was perfect.

It was overcast, but no rain. And we all know overcast makes it not as cold to be in the water.  Remember when we would try to pull off jumping in the pool in April on overcast days? Prime time. Plus God knew I dig that overcast weather for photography reasons /Bazinga. It was gorgeous. We started out at the church. Took a bunch of pictures,
skyped Sister Eddy into it.  Which was cool. It was good to see that face even though we muted her voice awk. There were a whole bunch of people there to support. The talks were spot on.  Josh's brother, niece and nephew were there. When the actual baptism happened, we walked down this little trail to the big river, some people watched from the bridge. There were not tons of people out and only one fisherman but he minded his own business. I think a missionary even invited him to attend haha.

Brother Darm baptized him. They walked out into the river and dang, THAT VIEW. The river was glass. No waves no boats no sharks ;) it was quite and beautiful and perfect. Just that moment. And Josh, was all smiles. It was insane. Just watching him laugh out there and
remembering how hard it was to get HERE. Was surreal. There were flashbacks of like... The whole story. He has had a complete change of heart. It's incredible. After the baptism we got back up to the church and Josh shared his testimony and his story.

About the drive to Virginia.
About his fervent prayer for comfort.
About the missionaries knocking on his door.
The first time we met with him.
The friends that he began to make.
About reading the Book of Mormon.
About the spirit he felt.
About the prayers answered at church by a stranger.
About the long road of Quiting addictions.
About finding true friends.
About feeling loved.
About knowing God is there.
Feeling the atonement work in his life.

Dang it was good.

It was a pristine day.
That man is solid.

Wow. Stress levels have dropped to forty five percent. My mission is quickly wrapping up. I remember thinking I was so done.  I had nothing left to learn.  That I accomplished all that I needed to. But man, Josh has taught me a lot. I love this place.  The past couple transfers have been incredible (and insane) but I'm so grateful I'm here and not anywhere else.

Sunday was a Sunday. The Rothermel's are leaving.  We had a little surprise for them. They are the bomb. They said they are coming to my homecoming because they have a baby blessing down there to go to anyways or something. So they have your number and will probably text you for the information. You will get to meet them. Ten bucks Elder Rothermel shares a J. Golden Kimball quote with you.

Ten bucks it's the one about St George being hell.

Just a guess.

One of the members in our ward showed me an Insta  post by Sister Eddy with my face on it. Heck. I miss that woman. COME TO MY HOMECOMING EDDY. I told the Rothermel's you would be there.
Bazzzinngggaaaa. I'm stoked dudes.

I can't believe I've only got eight weeks.

Eight weeks.



Eight weeks until west coast.
Are you guys even ready for this?!!?

Well we are gonna go bike down the Potomac view. And then we gotta go find some people to teach about the restored gospel. So..

Sister Stucki
April 27, 2015
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