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How about some updates???

(Sister) Not Sister Shandl McKee & Fredrick took us to lunch

Shandl came back for a visit

New Companion... Sister Stewart

and now... We drive a mini van

A Sister drew this of me

Sister Eddy is no longer a Sister. 

Spring is Finally coming

exchanges wtih sista fakathou

Sister Selfie

b/c its MY mailbox.
(i did not write this. lolz mailmans these days)

2 Story Target

Our Sisters Lunch Meeting
We are going to Gunston Hall with the Rothermel's so I will be on later at like one o clock my time or twelve or something. But here's my weekly letter.

1. My companion passed my test of being cool, reasonable and having good opinions this week. AND she's not a stress case like me so I have somebody to keep me sane. *clapping*

2. My mind is blowing up with things to talk about. Um. Let's just start here. 

We went and saw the Cherry Blossoms in DC on Monday for Preparation day.  Got lost. That was no fun. I bought a new satchel.  It was long past due for a new one. I have torn apart three already. Book of Mormons are heavy what can I say. That night we taught N. and  introduced Sister Stewart to her. It was great. 

We had District meeting then went on exchanges with the Kingstowne Sisters.  (Sister Fakatou!) I was grateful to spend another day with her she's chill.

We visited a less active lady and we helped her organize her house.  Then we sang I Know that My Redeemer Lives. I tried to harmonize with Sister Fakatou and the woman started crying. I thought she was crying because it was so horrendous but when we finished she started BAWLING. Sister Fakatou just... awkwardly, yet lovingly hugged her while I raided the house for tissues. I guess we nailed it.


We were supposed to meet with J. but he was sick.  It was his first day on his new job that he got. We dropped off some vitamin c packets (thanks mom) and seven up. Thinking that would help right? Later that night he texted us and apologized because he really hasn't given up tobacco chewing.  That was hard. I tried my best to be encouraging and supportive. Sister Fakatou fell asleep. I was up all night. I spent a lot of time thinking. His baptism date was supposed to be the twenty fifth. He felt really bad. It's a hard addiction. He knows what's best. It's hard, when somebody is so... There. And there's that one thing. I was really stressed about it. I don't know how to express my feelings in words. IDk maybe it feels like you got dumped? Haha. Not funny. The next day we wanted to go visit him, Sister Stewart and I when we got back together after exchanges. And out of no where he was being rushed to the ER. 


It was later at night. He got rushed to the ER because he had a raging fever. Come to find out he has a terrible kidney infection, gone septic. We were pretty scared. Previously we had talked about priesthood blessings.  He was hesitant at first because it was so late at night. But we assured him it was no problem. Elder Rothermel and another Elder went and visited with him. They gave him a blessing.  I heard it was an incredibly spiritual experience for all of them. The next day he was texting us and told us about how... Basically being sick won't change his faith. That he's not worried because he got a priesthood blessing. And that he is totally committed.  That tobacco was just a black cloud but it would be over soon. Throughout the week he texted us plenty of jokes. Hes a funny guy. I think he was bored out of his mind sitting in a hospital bed all day.

His brother went to visit him several times and he told his brother that he can't buy him chew anymore and to not let him have it because he needs to quit to be baptized. He is so close. He knows it will help him. It's stinking incredible the changes he is making. It was a long and stressful week with that one. But strangely enough I'm certain God has a hand in this one. He basically has laid out this walkway for him... this entire time. From being an alcoholic to driving across the straights and finding God, to AA meetings and meeting missionaries, to finding a job and now to this. Idk. It seems odd, that a trial and set back would yield any blessings. But over the past few days his faith and his testimony and understanding is flourishing. He spends lots of time reading the Book of Mormon or texting us or ward members visiting him. He has spent time explaining things like the word of wisdom, sacrament, baptism and church to his brother. He even invited us over for dinner when he gets out to visit with his family.

It's incredible... what the Lord can do with someone who seems so broken. He's amazing. The progress happening in a hospital room and over the past few months is ridiculous. I feel so blessed to be here in this situation and be witnessing his growth. I've learned a lot this past week. 

I've learned to forgive

To have hope
To trust Gods timing
To pray in faith
To trust
I've learned humility
I've learned how to be creative
I've learned that it's not easy
But I've also learned that anything is possible
That discipline is important
That we each have a choice
That we are responsible for our own actions
That we need other people
And other people need us
I've learned that the priesthood is Gods power
That our ward is a family
I've learned service
To make friendships 
And I've learned to love.

It was stressful and busy!  But I keep telling myself I would rather be stressed and rushed and busy than nothing at all. After this past week and everything that has been going on and all the things we have learned and accomplished I forgot all about the fact that this transfer is only five weeks. And now down to less than four. I'm getting nervous to leave Fort Belvoir I keep feeling like I'll go.  And I don't know if I will be able to leave this place. It's unnerving.

Backup to Wednesday:
We had a lesson with B. and she is on date to be baptized for May second. We are so excited for her.  She is so happy and well.. Pumped. She is such a great example to the young women and honestly to me. I wish I was that strong and disciplined and confident at her age. She is a champ and a half. 

Will you send something cute for B. maybe a necklace or something for her baptism. Also a tie for J.  He will get baptized eventually. I also was wondering if you know that little statue thingy that says "Dear Lord please save me just one more time" would that be up for grabs? Cause I want to give it to J. It's kind of hilariously fitting right now.

We had our sisters meeting. Sister Stewart and I are basically Relief Society Presidents. We found flowers and loaded up on candy from Lorton Action Community Center (after Easter they get tons and let us take it home) (we do service there) We made Oreo truffles and fruit. We had lemonade out of mason jars Etc. Etc. But the bottom line is we had an introductory "Get to know you activity" and THEN we read:

"The Peter Potential"

It was awesome.  Again... Wittwer family, thank you. It's a winner. I think everyone left with lots of notes and felt a bit more motivated and uplifted. I love that book. I love the story of Peter. It was rad. We had dinner at the K. with the J. family.  Which was legendary because Sisters never go there so I feel great about switching that up.  However we were sad J. didn't make it. (Hospital probs) 

Things started chilling out and getting less stressful because we weekly planned and mapped our whole week out. Hallelujah! J.  was discharged from the hospital finally and so we went over to his house and played uno with his family.  It was cool.  They had lots of questions. 

Lol of the week:

"I'm not worried because I got a priesthood blessing. Although... I was worried how the Elders would feel if I died after they gave me that blessing." -J. 

It was sweet. He looked a lot better and happier. Keep him in your prayers he still has to see a specialist and figure out what's going on. It was sweet though because he's bound and determined to get baptized. We are so stoked for him. We also taught B. the gospel of Jesus Christ and figured out her whole baptism calendar. She is excited for May 2nd. It's going to be a busy next couple of weeks we are literally packed with things to do.

I love it.

I've never been so stressed and excited and tired and happy in my entire life. 
It's insane.
I love it so much. 
It's so rewarding. 
Just all the feelings you feel, all the things you learn.
 I don't know how to put it into words, but I'm getting nervous to leave it all behind. 
We have to come back to Virginia mom and dad. 
You gotta meet these people, you gotta see this place. 
It's incredible. 

Was crazy too. Church always is. Lot of people. Lots of things to think about. It started with J. baptism interview with the Elders. It was great! He has to get interviewed by President Burton on Tuesday and then he's good to go. It was good to see him at church he looked a lot healthier. Then we had sacrament meeting. It was fun.  J and B were both there and they are buddies in the ward. Bishop Blake had J. stand up and announce his baptism.  He was excited. It's cool because the next two weeks are both Stake Conference things so J and B will both be confirmed in church on May tenth. Which is Mother's Day. It will be so cool. I will get to skype you all about it.

Sunday school was sweet. It was about the priesthood. In Gospel principles we split into groups and each talked about a specific section. Each of the missionaries led a discussion. J. was in my group and as we were talking I nudged him and he told the story of his priesthood blessing because it was AWESOME!!! And it was, super cool. For the last hour we went to young women's with B.  Her and C. are the only laurels. Which is funny. Because she is not baptized yet, but she's pretty much a member already.  It's sick. We had a lesson about the book of MORMON and followed up on her lesson. We have missionary discussions at the young women presidents house once a week. Only two more weekends until her baptism! 

Sister Stewart and I are just lol'ing at our lives. We are insanely busy. Every time we go to schedule something with somebody we look at our planner and realize we have absolutely no time. This transfer is only a five week transfer and it's packed. We have four exchanges with sisters, MLC, zone conference, sisters conference, a half mission conference, and two baptisms all in the next couple of weeks. 

And these are all super big events that take a lot of planning and preparation. On top of that we are just running from appointment to appointment all day with people. Last night was the first night this transfer that we got home on time right at nine o clock. We literally planned so fast and went to bed. Because I was dying. It was so nice to get s full nights sleep and actually be able to sleep. Things are all beginning to come together and get a tad less stressful.

Transfers are the 14th of May.
They are coming up quick.
I'm down to nine weeks left.
Single digits.

It's insane. All of the sudden my perspective has switched and I do NOT feel like it's been over a year since I was home.  In fact I feel like it's only been a couple months and it's not time for me to go back yet. All of the sudden I feel like there's so much more for me to do here. What the junk. Weird vibes man. Idk how I feel about it because a couple months ago I was ready to be HOME.

I never really want to leave Fort Belvoir as crazy and wild as it is. This place is hoppin.

It's a good feeling to have I guess. I wrote a letter to myself...  from myself about this whole mission thing. I'm going to read it...  after I get home. Good idea right? It's just hanging on my wall. 
It will be a good reminder. 
I think. 
Well kids.

I need you all to do me a couple favors though:
Read Ether 12 in the Book of Mormon
Pray for J. and B. And...
Do a random act of kindness and service for somebody every day this week!

That would be awesome.
That's all we gotta run to Grandmas before she beats us 😖
Love you guys tons!

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April 20, 2015

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