Spontaneous Roadtrip: Wyoming


The following photos are not in chronological order,
and i refuse to make them follow that standard
simply because im lazy.


This is Wyoming. We went to Wyoming to visit a Senior Couple from our mission (fort belvoir) that we served with. They live in a sweet mountainside cabin.

This is 'Eddy.' You've probably seen pictures of her before. We were companions in Fort Belvoir for approx. 3 months. Her real name is mady, but that just gets to weird, so i will always refer to her as 'eddy.'

This is me. My name is also Madi, or Stucki. Or Madison. Its whatever. There was a Tornado warning but we escaped idaho before it ACTUALLY happened.

This is a waterfall somewhere between Rexburg Idaho and Etna Wyoming. Its called Caribou something or the other.

These are my favorite HighTops i've ever invested in and i got them from H&M for $14. I really missed hightops. 

I also missed mountains.

This is the Salt River in Star Valley Wyoming, and it had a sweet reflection of the sunset/clouds in it.

This is my spirit animal.

This is definitely not our car. haha. Its the rothermels. But its really good at hiking up mountains.

This is what a firework might look like if your camera lens is not focused.

We set off fireworks because were a rad group of washington dc south missionaries.

This is my mission president (riggs) and his family. theyre good people.

This is the rothermels. They take real good care of us.

This is what idaho looks like for days.

This is what the road looks like for days.

This is a picture of Spence, somebody sent to me over the week. He is still on his mission. But only for four weeks so holler. He is a real babe.

This is what they call the 'Sand Bar' its a real great place to wear a swimsuit and be in the river.

This is a literal taco bus.

This is a sauna.

This is people from the WDCS Mission in real life.

This is the Rexburg Temple. My president always said to make sure when you go to the temple you serve the living as well as the dead. I was able to attend the temple the other day and after i was going to my locker, there was this sweet sweet old, super super old indian lady trying to find her locker and was strugglin like cray. 

So i remembered that little thought, and asked her if she needed help. She didnt say ANYTHING. She just grabbed my hand and we literally attempted to unlock every single locker in the temple. She found her stuff. She was grateful, and i left feeling super ultra mega good because

Service is for champs.

Longboarding down Long roads

SPENCE, again

And again

 Jumping off things

 Couch hopping

 And thats the end of my spontaneous roadtrip, to WY.


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