1 Month Nostalgia

Its (almost) Monday again!

Mondays were special because PDAY. And today is special because its been exactly 1 month since i've been home from the Washington DC South mission. Every Monday i feel a little nostalgic. I still love Mondays because I get to hear from some of my favorite people, including old companions and of course Elder Rhoton.

This photo was taken in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Two more weeks and this guy is HOME. I can't even believe two years has already flown by. Actually, i can. BABE COME HOME. I'm stoked outta my mind. Don't have other words to say, other then that. I'm grateful for his service in the Indianapolis, Indiana mission. So many people have expressed how amazing of a missionary, person and friend this guy is.

And i agree.

I'm so grateful for him, and im so grateful in two weeks we get to have him back here at home.


This photo was taken in Enterprise, Utah.

I had to take a quick trip to enterprise, for this new epiphany i've had.

Throughout my mission I gained a love for family history. So i came up with this idea to film my closest living anscestors and their stories, for some memorabilia. My dads dad was my first victim and i thought he nailed it. For those of you who don't know 'grandpa stucki' this vidclip captures his silly personality perfectly, its worth a million bucks to us stuckis and im excited to continue getting involved and getting creative with family history. (video link below)

This photo was taken in Salt Lake City, Utah

The end of the 'Spontaneous Wyoming Roadtrip' was at Pioneer Parks 'Death Cab for Cutie' concert with some of my favorite love bird(s). Thanks for the vicarious living you two.

This photo was taken in PG, Utah 

Post mission shopping trip, and visiting my favorite place of all time: THE PF. (pizza factory) There was nothing i craved more than breadtwists and cinnoman dip. After three years of waitressing it becomes a daily necessity. You go PF. You go handsome waiter i'll never see again.

This photo was taken in STG

The weekend i got home from my mission a kind soul offered me a job in his business office. BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS. I dont know if he realized how in-dire-need i was/am of a job but this was a complete answer to my prayers, and this company has been nothing but great to me since i started! I spend most of my time doing computer/office work which is fine by me and a great opportunity to learn new skills to add to my resume. SO grateful.

God is good.

This picture was taken out in the boonies that i only have the coordinates to secured in my iPhone. Srry.

I've been planning something real great, but real secret. So i cant explain. Srry. Its beautiful tho. You dont see views like this in Virginia. I guess everywhere is its own kind of beautiful amiright?

I can however tell you about my awesome missionary moment of the week! I got my first Visiting Teaching assignment! Visiting teaching is something the women in the church do to make sure everyone is doing good and is taken care of. My VT companion is a new convert to the church. And boy was i blown away at her awesome testimony. We visit a lady who recently moved into our congregation, and we also visit a lady whose husband is in our congregation.

It was an awesome experience to get out there, knock on somebodys door and teach them a little bit about the gospel and ask for service oppurtunties again. It felt good. Even if i dont have a nametag on and even if i wasnt wearing a skirt.

Its a good feeling to just ya know


aka step outside of your box
and be awesome

This picture was taken in Washington, UT

There was a decent sized summer rainstorm here down in southern utah. It made me feel like i was in Virginia again. except without the trees. or six lane traffic. But thats a good feeling.

This photo was taken in Enterprise, UT

Its one of the rare gems where my brothers are holding still enough to get a still photo. I sure do enjoy seeing these guys again. They are a bit wild and sometimes aggravating but i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world, even a 19 year old woman companion that you are assigned to 24/7. Actually... ESPECIALLY for a 19 year old female companion you are assigned to 24/7. Its good to be back with the boys. i love it i love it i love it.

Sorry past comps. You just aint as cool.

oh yeah im allergic to animals so this is how my rodeo goes down.

And my favorite part of the week. Letters from Spence. Let me just reiterate my excitement to you all.

(excuse the three, he sent this a week ago)



life is good.

thanks for reading up!


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  1. Welcome home Madi! You're the cutest!