Pennies & Little Things

I've been really busy with the little things, piecing life together a little bit at a time.

A couple cool things that are noteworthy:

1. I got my first official Visiting Teaching assignment, whooo! Visiting Teaching is something the church does where the women in the church will have companions and share spiritual messages with other sisters in their congregation to make sure everyone is doing well and its a great way to provide and accept service from one another.

My companion is an awesome girl who was just recently baptized into the church. I'm stoked to learn how to be 'visiting teachers' together with her, and hopefully keep up our misisonary skills considering we both just went through the PMG lessons a thousand times probably. Yay for missionary work in continuation!

2. I made some sweet lake video you can check out here at this link below:


Of course my first day back we hit up the lake, dylan was kind enough to take us all out on his boat. Weve gone out a few times and spent a lot of time in the water and eating fattening food considering the recent fourth of july holiday. I also got my hair bleached back to platinum, what of it. And best news of all, i got a job offer immediately after my homecoming talk. *godlovesme* It was much needed and i'm excited to begin working and saving and preparing for ''the next stage of life''

3.I was driving around in my dads beautiful little Volkswagen jetta the other day, by myself, might i add (weird weird weird) and i was driving past the temple and saw this cute little family out there taking pictures and had this feeling to get out and offer to take the picture for them (what the?)

so i did. i hopped out and said hello as creepy as can be, all by myself, without a nametag, or a companion, and offered service to ya know..take a family picture...in front of the temple for them. they were super grateful and i took a bunch. I began talking to them and asked them where they were from. Turns out they were all from Argentina and were just visiting family and they werent members of the church. i explained i had just served as a missionary in Washington dc and directed them to the temple visitor center. and off they went! #goodvibes

4. i got a package in the mail full of letters and pennies. it was from elder rhoton. Two years ago he said that he would ALWAYS find pennies and other such change on the ground in the city. He started collecting all the change he found in a box and said by the time he got home he would have enough to take me on a real nice date. its been two years and i got a whole box of pennies, and quarters and dimes and nickels in the mail. and dang. that box was heavy. he sure remembered. for two years!

i cant wait to have my favorite boy back home!

37 days!!

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