Recap Video

I've been meaning to post this recap video all week.

I am so grateful God allowed me to spend eighteen months of my life in Virginia. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend serving the Lord in the Washington DC South Mission. I truly am a missionary advocate. Eighteen months ago, i might have said otherwise.

I am grateful for the amazing individuals and familes i have met
I am grateful for the experiences i've had, the trials and also the blessings i witnessed

Mostly i am grateful for my savior, Jesus Christ. Because he is the one who brings us together. He is the reason for the joyful message of the gospel. He is the reason our missionary army is flooding the earth to share the great news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What a privledge it has been, doing just that.
I love virginia.
The people i met there will always be dear to my heart.
And i will always have two homes.

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