Home (Part 2)

my fave human is home everybody. he is back

This is me being apologetic for taking x amount of days too long to post the majority of these pictures but what did you expect, SPENCER IS HOME. His plane arrived fifteen minutes early (woohoo) last wednesday and we were all more than 'excited' to see his face.


But its been worth it to see him come home with tons of growth, experience, mission stories, advanced ukelele skills, dunk shots (even though i beat him in speed ;) and possibly even an inch of height.

Its just been really, really happy to have my best friend back.

Heres a vid link below:

(warner valley stars not pictured sorry)

(din w/ grandpa adams he aint pictured either sorry)

(skimming at virgin river)

(friends from my mission)

(still in IN time, still cute tho)

(taylors homecoming day, tay not pictured. hahaha)

(post mission hangouts, highschool buddies)

(being an elder fro two years probs)

(convertible probs)

& a quick teaser for those of you that ever so diligently read this blog:

This week we got complimentary chocolates from McArthur Jewlers
*wink wink*

But imma bounce now cause, work.

Stay tuned,


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