Seven Hundred & Thirty

literally, slowest week ever.

Well frankly most of it was spent looking into the depth of three LCD screens so that probably had the majority to do with it. But none the less im incredibly greatful and indebted to my wonderful Fort Belvoir buddies that came from VA and made some quite lovely memories with me this week.

see video link below

HIGHLIGHT: Kailee Gooch finally got home from serving a mission in Korea! It took a lot of effort not to have instant water works, i love having my friends highschool friends beginning to come home! Its so strange (in the best way) to see how different everyone is, yet how the same they are too. I love that even after two years we can laugh and enjoy old memories and good times. 


Life right now.

But really the best news of the day, week, month, year is that tomorrow
Elder Rhoton is flying home.

729 days ago i remember eating pasta with spencer.
Yeah, pasta.

& then laughing and then crying and then laughing and then crying
& then sitting on my driveway trying not to cry again
& then mom walks outside to say goodbye and starts crying
& then ty walks up to say goodbye and feels awkward b/c tears

& then after several hours of trying to make the best of the last day you'll see eachother for two years it was just like


'i'll see you in.... two years...'

& then you just kind of watch as he gets in the car and drives away
& you just sit there thinking two years

730 days

'thats a long time'

& then painfully slow but also incrediby quick at the same time
which seems contradicting....

Two years flies right by and now its here.
I cant believe it.

I mean 1,460 days ago we were probably little sophomores at a Highschool football game
& now im home from spending eighteen months in virgina


& im almost twenty one

& spencer is coming home

& how is it even august 2015?

So pray i can actually sleep tonight.

Because i've never waited 730 days for anything in my life
& 730 days is finally up

& he is coming home.

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