Previous to returning home from DC/VA i compiled a massive 'todo' list for home. I finally got around to checking some boxes on it. Starting with my newest little investment of the 'gopro hero' and i love it already. Ty and i took out the DB and went skimming. Video link below

I'm feeling real unpoetic tonight. Probably b/c i used all my typing skills and energy in writing all my favorite missonaries all day. So that leaves me here dead tired and sick of staring at a computer screen. Sorry for the lame post but also who cares.

The most exciting news of this week is that after this week is over, Elder Rhoton comes home. I wrote the last letter i'll (hopefully) ever write to Indiana approx. five minutes ago. Thats a wild thought. BUT DANG CAN WE SAY EXCITING?!

Next week

Da boy is home.

The rest of these are classic brother pictures.
thats really all.

Work, good
Life, good
I have no more words to say.

oh yeah, except that im learning how to play chess from a five year old. 

Mostly im just counting down the hours for next week but until then....

Be awesome.


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