The only time i can find to update this blog is at three in the morning on a weekend.
You know i aint stayin' up that late when i have to wake up at six in the morning for work.

Okay, have you all heard the song past life by borns? Because i think im obsessed with them, and this song. It probably came about forever ago but forever ago i didnt exist in modern society, i lived in the suburbs of washington dc and had nothing to do with what was going on in the secular world.


Where do i even start? I think i'll make a seperate blog post w/ an update on life lately outside of these wedding shoots, but i've gotta post a few favorites because i'm so excited about them. In fact i think thats been the most exciting thing this week. In fact i just had a brilliant idea that maybe i should take pictures of all the other exciting things that have come up with wedding planning and make a post about it.


K, you've convinced me brain. I'll do it.

Next saturday and three in the morning (:

heres a vid for you guys who like the vids


Can i just say that in six weeks im marrying a dream?
I love this guy

I feel quite lucky
and grateful
and all of the above.

Its crazy that just a couple months ago this all was a distant dream, as we hadn't seen eachother in two years! and now its here! I'm marrying my best friend.

I couldnt have planned it better myself

God is so Good.

Heres to being future Mrs. Rhoton

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