We finally got the keys to our first apartment so I've slowly been moving bits and pieces of my belongings in.

As I've been going through packed up boxes from years ago many old memories have been rediscovered from my entire life.

It's been interesting to see how piece by piece my life has led up to where I am today. I'm 21, I'm a returned missionary, and I'm engaged to my best friend. 

Ten years ago I never would have guessed. Ten years ago I was a cute little 11 year old still day dreaming about what color of hair my future husband would have!

Five years ago I had just barely started dating spencer 

And for the past two years as we went our separate ways, communicating only through written letters, I spent every night dreaming of the day at the airport when I would see him again.

I've never waited so long for anything 

And now it's here! In two weeks I'm marrying my best friend. I'm under no impression that life turns into rainbows and butterflies at this point

But I'm so excited to spend both the good and the not so great moments of my life with somebody who loves and adores me.

And someone who i completely adore just as much.

I hope that every little 11 year old girl dreaming of their future husband, grows up and finds somebody like mine. Somebody who treats them like gold.

Who loves them unconditionally

Who makes them a top priority

Who goes out of their way for them

Who makes them laugh 

And who is their very best friend

I feel so blessed to have found that.  It's not everyday that you meet someone so special so early in your life. 

But man I wouldn't trade these past years for the world.

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