Week of the Wedding

Its the Week of the Wedding.


Only seven days until I get to marry my favorite boy (:

The past couple weeks have been all kinds of wonderful. Lots of wedding planning, pulling things together, and preparing for the big weekend! It was both mine and Spencers birthdays, THE BIG 21


We got to attend one of my greatest friends wedding reception and sealing in the Ogden temple which was really neat, and so happy to see! We saw thriller at tuacahn, which was infact my first time ever attending a play there (i know ive lived in st george for twenty years and never been sorry)

This past weekend was the cutest Bridal Shower ever, hosted by spencers family. We have been overwhelmed, excited, grateful and thrilled by the love, support and generosity of our family, friends and neighbors. We are so excited to celebrate our marriage withe each of you and cant thank you enough for all the congratulations, advice and kind gestures.


And we've started moving into our first place.

Its been quite the exciting and busy few weeks. We have kept really quite busy ever since we've come home from both of our missions. Can't say thats a bad thing though, its kept us both on our toes.

Its mind blowing to think that this week is the week we are actually getting married. After talking about it for two plus years it almost seemed as if the day would never come, or maybe it was just a dream. But in seven days i am finally going to marry my best friend.

I feel so lucky and blessed to have Spencer in my life, infact i feel blessed to have had Spencer in my life for so long! It seems like just yesterday we were fifteen years old, and Spencer stole my phone and saved his phone number in it. It seems like just yesterday that we were kids in highschool.

How lucky am i to have had so much time to know, love, understand and cherish my best friend. I can't wait to marry him this next weekend. And i cant wait to enjoy him for the rest of...forever.




see you soon (:

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