Post Wedding Catchup

Well folks, 


Unfortunately, i do not yet have the wedding pictures back. Those will be up soon. Until then enjoy this lovely 5 min. video that was filmed by several different people passing the camera around all weekend long. 

go team.


 We have spent the last couple weeks honeymooning, of course, but also being spoiled by decorating our new little home with tons of cute gifts from our awesome friends and family! Its been fun, busy, tiring but 


We are both back to work now. We plan on relaxing and enjoying the holidays and saving up money so we can continue to work and start school this next year in 2016.

Bizarre to think that 2015 is already coming to an end. Its been a highlight year thats for sure. With serving missions, SEEING FAMILY AGAIN, getting engaged, renting our first place, starting new jobs, applying for schools and GETTING MARRIED.

So many firsts

but its all good,

life is good

Heres a couple random wedding shots from the guests!
Stay tuned for the real deal load of pictures ;)

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