First month of marriage almost has a big checkmark next to it. Its been 3.5 weeks since Spence & I tied the knot. (i dont even get that saying) But hey, here we are, its December. The most wonderful time of the year. Its been a never ending series of events after we got home this summer. We just cant get enough attention *wink wink* After we got married came all the holidays, family, friends etc etc.

Its been loads of fun.

We've gotten our apartment all put together AND even decorated for christmas. We got to stay up all night shopping for black friday!! actually lets be honest, we only shopped until like eight and we were done. But we got to use our target gift cards from our wedding, and we stayed up all night watching how i met your mother so that is a first and it was awesome.

There is literally nothing more fun than living with your best friend.
Who's a guy.

Which leads me right into my next point....

Our wedding pictures were lost.


i know

every brides worst nightmare

well second to the groom not showing up to the wedding....

I was pretty devestated, i mean come on thats like the second most important thing how could you not be right? Which takes me back to 1963, the good old days. When Grandpa Brent and Grandma Linda got married. And guess what happened? Their photographer turned out to be drunk and they got one single picture back from their entire wedding.


must run in the family.

Needless to say i had to text Grandpa about the my traumatic life problem and how our pictures were all lost and we didnt have any from the reception that my parents put together. I thought he might be able to sympathize with me and our huge misfortune.

And as i sat there waiting for his reply, desperately attempting to calm myself down at my luckless life, (is luckless a word idc) I caught myself in the midst of a pity party and kind of did that thing where you mentally slap yourself in the face because madi


What do you mean youre luckless?
(lol at that fake word)

You married your highschool sweetheart.
we waited for like YEARS to get married
We didnt even see eachother for two of them


(and lots of divine intervention of course i know)

Did i just use the word freakin? im sorry. I take it back.

But really.

Im sitting here, in my soft bed, next to my gorgeous husband (can you call men gorgeous just did) and he is my favorite human alive, my best friend. and we got married. and it was awesome. our wedding was beautiful. our reception was absolutely stunning. my parents, and my inlaws and everyone involved went through countless hours and time and effort to make sure that we had the best wedding week possible. We were pampered and loved and given tons and tons of gifts, and support and congratulations.

My wedding was

it was a dream.

and i'll get to live on for years and just describe the beautiful lights that were tangeld up on the rooftop and trees and plants and flowers that my dad spent days planting just for the event and the dance floor he built just for our daddy/daughter dance together. And the trays and platters of food that my mom prepaered and set out so nicely with the pictures and frames and decoration and flowers from spencers mom that were gorgeous and the heaters that spencers dad brought along so we didnt freeze.

And i'll probably even get to exaggerate it too a little bit to make my future kids and grandkids extra jealous ;)

All in all, im grateful

My grandpa ended up texting back after my little epiphany and he said

"Yeah, 52 years ago this New Years Eve, ole drunk Mr Barney lost all our photographs. Linda was more bummed out about i than i was. I just thought if that is the worst thing that happens over a lifetime together... we will be JUST fine."

Dangit people are so awesome.

Thanks Grandpa.

I love married life,
happy one month to to us

and happy holidays friends!!

-Madison Rhoton

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