Newly Weds

After we lost all of our pictures, the obvious first step was to gather as many as we could from family, friends, etc. Spencers uncle Jeff was awesome and put a whole website up of photos he took our entire wedding weekend. And my wonderful maid of honor, and cousin Kylie (who is a photographer) pulled together a few she took of the reception and edited them for us.

So not all is lost, amiright?

We were also able to retrieve some photos from the temple that our original photographer took. And so here i am compiling them all onto my blog. It makes me happy to browse through all my pictures. Starting five or so years ago when we were just kids and then looking at us now.



Heres a jumbled up blog post of pictures gathered from


things to note

*We had our reception Friday, the evening before the wedding. It was an ingenious idea because we were a lot less tired and worn out, we had the whole day to help decorate and prep for the party, and it gave us an oppurtunity to have fun and celebrate, and then really cherish the wedding and temple ceremony the saturday after that.

*We had a luncheon after the actual wedding to send us off on our honeymoon. We made a little Q&A video that turned out awesome and had a slideshow of baby pictures until now. This is also when we had some grand old speeches by close family members and the wedding party

*My dress is from an online store called "latter day bride.'' they make wedding dresses particularly for those who are trying to find something that works to wear inside of an LDS temple. And theyre super cute/affordable.

*Our flower arrangements are from Patches Iris and Violets located off of the BLVD in STG Utah.

*Spencer got his blue suit at kohls.

*We decided to do mismatch dresses and ties for our wedding party. We actually sent out gift cards to each of the bridesmaids and asked them to design/find their own dress, with some color swatches from lowes. took stress away from me and wedding planning, and they each bring out each persons personality so much better. Super happy with how that worked out.

*The reception was outdoor, we did a backyard reception. My parents built/made all the dance floor out of pallets, extra wood, whiskey barels and bulb lights. Most of the sign decor was from leftover wooden crates we pulled apart and used vinyl and spraypaint to make signs.

*our photo book we ordered from costco, they had awesome prices, great quality and you could leave extra space around the photo for people to sign and leave marriage advice to read afterwards.

*the welcome sign we used in the front was actually found on etsy and customized for only 20 dollars.

*our luncheon was held at the falls event center located on mall drive.





Thats All For Now


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