Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas (& Home)


Our little place is starting to feel a lot more like home. Especially with all the Christmas decor and surprises and gifts and smells and......ya know what i mean?

I've spent nearly every saturday since we got married bribing spencer with eating out, to help me hang up picture frames and displays and decorations. Its been real gr8

He is turning into quite the little home maker
but really.

I married a stud.

Fruit Basket: Bed Bath & Beyond

This past weekend we took a little trip to Las Vegas. My aunt Tammy held this table to the side and offered it to us when we got married. It weighs about five thousand lbs and i have no idea how were going to get it back out our front door BUT it is beautiful and were SO exciting to have something in our dining area now. (:

Wooden Welcome Decor: Etsy $20

Also super stoked about these padded bar stools. Another neighbor offered four of them two us. We left two of them at our bar area, and two of them we trimmed the legs down to fit at our dining room table. #DIYWIN

Jumbo Mason Jar: Bed Bath & Beyond
Wooden Kitchen Utinsels: Target/Bed Bath & Beyond

I've been using our wedding decor to display on our walls. A lot of our wood came from scrap material when we were doing our backyard landscaping for the wedding reception. We picked the best pieces (with the flatter surfaces) and bought vinyl letters and wording to stick on. Another fun diy that turned out cute.

My sister and i made these home made mistletoe/wreaths out of the plants at my parents house. Super easy, all we used was brown 'twine' string and a bit of superglue. BOOM. christmas.

One of our wedding guests actually gave us vintage christmas ornaments. We tied that in with some stuff we found on a black friday sale at target. All the ornements, star, ribbon, wrapping paper and string is from target. The tree we actually bought at walmart for $20 (6ft 20$ not bad)

I bought this little glass bottle at World Market for $1.5 and filled it with sand from my mission. Just a reminder of how awesome VA is. ;)

Wedding Photo Book: Costco $30
GREAT BUY! You can even add the white space around the photos for people to sign at your wedding. so fun to look back on and read.

Throw Pillows: Target

Stil working on picture frames.....

Throw Pillows: Target, Kohls, Ross
Throw Blanket: Kohls
Comforter: Kohls
Desk: Target
Bowl, Frames: Ross
Dream Catcher: VA

As much as I enjoy decorating my own place........
the best part about it all is living with my best friend and love of my life.
Im excited for this big adventure, for the holiday season, to start 2016!



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