DIY: Copper & Gray

Slowly i've been trying to put together our little place, add some this and that here and there, ya know. I came across this new 'Copper' trend on Pinterest and fell in love. However, decorating a home is expensive! So here is a couple DIY projects i created for under $25

And when i say under $25 i mean i now have three shelves, one jewelry hanger and two giant decor frames that i put together for under $25.

Also you'll find some random pictures of Spencer in here because i got a new camera this month and he thinks its funny to try and poke my lens.

What even did i marry

a boy thats what

So projo #1

i had this marilyn monroe art piece that used to be in my room years ago. Was going to just give it to good will or trash it but my sister came up with the idea of just blacking her out and putting something over it. 

So the goal was to create a art peice to put above our bed in our bedroom because we have a huge blank wall there and not yet a head board.

i used some chalk paint, spray paint that we had left over at my parents house. it was awesome because it dried evenly and gave it a nice matte finish rather than a shiny one which complimented my copper color.

oh yeah and this used to be james dean, we blacked him out too

I filled in the whole thing 2X and let dry for a little.


Projo #2:

I wanted to buy some shelves for my dining area and above spencers desk. We still had some store credit at bed bath and beyond but each shelf i found was $30-$60 a piece! So what i did was started with some old pallets and crates my dad had from landscaping our yard.

The goal was to make some decorative shelves + necklace hanger for my bedroom

I bought these shelf holders for 89 cents at walmart, plain white.

these were some of the boards we pulled off of the crates to use, i decided to keep them rustic looking rather than paint/wash/sand down because i liked the look. but thats optional.

one of the boards i actually painted with a white spray paint, just a top coat to give it a lighter and roughed up look for my room.

at Michaels they had a 50% off sale so i got this sweet copper spray paint for $3 and painted some of the wall hangers with this, and other ones with the matte black paint

and let those dry for a little bit.


Back at projo #1

boom dry. still not sure what im doing with james dean but marilyn....

i printed time new roman font roman numerals on cardstock and used a razor and cutting board to cut out these stencils.

*meanwhile sorry for jumping around but moving these pictures around on this web page takes a long time so*

Projo #2

this was probably the most expensive part. i found these copper knobs at target for $12. Which you could probably just paint knobs or find more decorative ones for a better price (such as lowes, walmart or even ross had some cute floral/diamond ones)

We screwed the knobs into one of the boards from the crate to create a necklace/jewelry hanger for my room

the copper wall hangers from walmart we screwed into the other rustic looking boards to create shelves

& FINISHED Products

i used the copper paint again to spray the roman numeral stencils onto the frame to go above our bed

still not sure what im doing with this, probably something similar

the necklace hanger
also in the bedroom, fits well with our white and gray scheme

i stuck this above spencers desk to help clear space and add more copper accents to the room

these ended up going off centered on a wall in our kitchen
next i need to figure out what to put on it.

probably succulent plants
my other new obsession


& woolaa

best $25 bucks ive spent all year ;)


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