This is Ethan

Ethan is eighteen
he is also my brother
like he is the 2/4 brothers

He is graduating highschool this year
He got a lot taller while i was gone for eighteen months

And his hair got longer

We went hiking this week

Sometimes i forget that there is such unique and outstanding locations right here where we live
it seems like the beautiful places right next to you are always taken for granted

this place is one of them

i remember after living in virginia and washington dc
only seeing trees and tall buildings everywhere you go
like every two feet
it got kind of claustrophobic


in its own way

but i just remember flying over those red rock mountians
and stepping outside of the airport
and breathing in dry desert heat

and being able to see for miles

and miles
and miles

st george is definitely rad and im grateful to call this place home

back to ethan
we decided to take a hike to 

a. practice shooting here in SCP so i could play with my new camera and editors program
b. take his sr pics (perks)
c. see some cool views

spending time with family is fun
you move out and live five minutes away and its like you never see them sort of

anyways my goal for this year is to spend a big amount of time appreciating and exploring the here and now and close to home. i felt kinda loserish when people across the USA kept asking me if ive been to 
place right next to my house and i was like

oops no.

so here is to appreciating the little things

and to ethan being a senior of course

happy graduation year



  1. Jessie2:43 PM

    You take awesome pictures! :) I'd love to see what else you've taken but I can't find your past posts! I think it's hiding from me!

    1. Thank you! I am not sure why past posts are unavailable, none of my blog posts should be private or blocked. I wish i knew how to fix the problem but they are all visible on my end. There will be more photos and posts to come soon, you can also check out my instagram @madstuhh