A brief update on our life:

Spencer started school
He is currently working on his generals

I ended my previous job,
& am starting a new job working for a member of my extended family
who started their own clinic
which i am very excited about!

Spencer taught me how to ski

We filmed a wedding

We celebrated our first valentines together
as a married couple

 I split my chin open ice skating,
while spencer and i were creating this new game called
'football skate'

Our hometown has already warmed up to seventy degrees,
so were rippin out the sandals and t shirts at baseball games
on the reg.

Which is awesome

Its both of our first spring/summers back home in the western southern part of the US
and the weather makes me never want to move ever
i love it so much

I'm really excited for spring
its so happy
and warm
and sunny
and awesome

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