DIY: Floral Antlers

I love the new rustic/chic accents
and home decor i've being seeing around lately.

It totally fits my style.

I found several different water color paintings 
with the 'Antler' or 'Bullhead' + 'Floral' 

& decided to create my own little wall decor for our home!

It was VERY simple,
probably the easiest piece i've created for our home, considering it didn't involve any paint probably.

I used another piece of scrap wood, from my wedding pallets
that are still in my parents backyard, well parts of them.

Totally came in handy as you can see 
via recent posts

Then i gathered these antlers,
because many many humans in southern utah do this thing called
'shed' hunting
& collect the old antlers of deer

then i picked up these pipe holders from lowes
typically they're fifty cents a piece
i bought the 3/4 in. to fit the antlers
they were a little bit more for the copper stain

on my way out of lowes i ran by the dollar tree
and got these lovely fake flowers for $1

i simply mounted the antlers on the scrap wood how i liked it
with a screw driver

Then added my own little floral arrangement with hot glue
and screwed the wood straight into the wall

And woo-la!
im in love!


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