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I just want to take a second and brag about my husband because he is awesome. We have been married four months now - although i cant even remember what life was like without him. I met spencer when i was probably 15 years old. We became the best of friends, and i think thats what makes our relationship so great. through the best and the worst of times he was always around. No matter what was going on in our lives we were always there to at least talk it out.

Whenever something good happened, a big oppurtunity, or the smallest little surprise, spencer was always so happy for me. Hes one of those people who wants the best for everyone. Especially the people that he loves most. I dont remember what it was like to have something exciting happen to me - and not call spencer first thing.

Spencer is the coolest. he can throw a basketball under his legs and dunk it backwards. he can spit his gum up in the air, kick it with his shoe and catch it back in his mouth. which is probably really unsanitary. hes definitely a boy. hes also cool because he loves the heck out of me and would do anything to make me laugh. 


Everyone says the first year of marriage is the hardest. and i think thats probably true because youre literally blending two completely different lives together and creating your own, unique, little family. and youre not going to agree on everything, and you have to make bigger decisions than you have previously in life. And i dont doubt for a second that life will continue to be stressful and trying and lots of change will happen. But ive never been more happy! Nothing beats falling in love over and over. You know that feeling where you wake up in the morning and see your husband laying next to you - totally passed out, sometimes sleep talking - and thinking man, five years ago, three years ago, four months ago, yesterday, i didnt think i could love him any more but i do.

Nothing beats being somebodys #1
and them being your #1 
and just rocking at it

marriage is awesome. 
especially when you marry a guy like spence.


Spence & I got to be a part of a really cool 'stylized shoot' with two Utah photographers,
Nhiya Kaye Photography & Alyssa Ence Photography
I think the purpose of a stylized shoot is mostly for advertising. A few different vendors get together to show their product (florists, clothing shops, hair & makeup artists) theyll grab some people to wear these items and photographers will take awesome pictures and show them off on social media. Spence and i got to participate in a 'stylized bridal shoot' and wear some cute stuff/get hair and makeup done, well, i did, anyhow, spence just came to make the pictures look good ;)

i totally didnt expect to be down for this
but he was
and he was a crack up
and these turned out so awesome
and i totally am glad we got the oppurtunity to do these!

We went out to Snow Canyon Park, and had a ton of fun! Here are some of the photos from 
Nhiya Kaye Photography

Flowers by Bloomers
Dress by Bridal Closet
Makeup & Hare by Julie Thomas



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