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Hey, Hi, Whatsup
This is a re-introduction of myself
Because of course you can click on the 'about' tab above, but that would be pretty generic and non-exclusive

My name appears to be Madison Stucki
Really, i got married six months ago so it is now Madison Rhoton - good luck finding me on social media - every single account i have is probably a different name.
So this blog is probably a safe spot  - the main vain and the mother load.
She's got all the information you'll ever want or need.

Truth be told i am by no means a professional photographer
but as you can see ive been shooting weddings, engagements and bridals
in both photo and video form
trifling with a camera has been one of my choice forms of entertainment since i was a kid
so that is what has got me here

I actually work at a medical clinic full time, its an Outpatient Opioid Treatment center located in downtown st. george. An opioid treatment center is a place people who have a dependency (addiction) to things such as prescription medications or heroin can go to recieve treatment and take medications that help get rid of withdrawal symptoms - so they can regain their life.
I love it because i watch people change their lives in a positive way.
I like having positivity in my life
i like success stories
i like it when people serve other people and are genuine and kind
so i really like my full time job - because its real raw and great. even though its not butterflies and rainbows and sometimes really heart breaking - you see results and you see people make things happen. i like it when people make things happen.

My #1 - favorite thing to do - top priority - happiest moments
is time spent with my husband, spence.
We dated in highschool, left on missions for a couple years, then got married in 2015
hes a pretty rad guy
and im not just saying that because i married him
he can literally do everything. juggle, juggle soccer balls with his feet also might i add, dishes, dunk basketballs, backflip, knows every stat about golden state warriors, hes a rockstar at elementary to college math, cook fried rice like an asian, and eat with chopsticks like a straight asian.....which now is kind of weird because hes totally white.... anyway, he clearly is very cultured as well. you just gotta meet him.

So photo/video sessions i do in my spare time, kind of a hobby, kind of extra money, kind of i simply just like happy couples being happy together on the best days of their lives. Like i said, i like positivism - POSITIVISM IS A WORD WHAT - in my life. So thats why i spend the time doing the things i do. Even if it is a little overwhelming sometimes -


I'll take your pictures - do some videos for ya
just check out my links and if my style is also your style
or you just like what you see contact me
via social media or this email - maddiii@live.com
to figure a plan out that works for you, discover pricing and talk

If youre here to look specifically at my work click on the 'photography' tab at the top
or the 'videography' tab

If you got here because you saw some missionary pinterest pins or links click on the 'sister missionary' tab to learn about my mission experiences and my religion.

If you got here because you want to stalk my life then hit the instagram tab and follow me so i can stalk you too, and because straight pictures are way more interesting lets be real


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