Shayden & Sam Bridals

One time when i was on the other side of the lens, this photographer really impressed me because she took time while she was shooting (working) to get to know me as a person. Later when she uploaded my shoot to her blog she literally remembered so much about me and retold the story of how spence and i met with our photos.

I thought it was really cool that she was so genuine
and actually took the time to get to know her clients as friends
not just a job

With that being said heres  little story for yall:


Yay for Referrals!

One of my favorite clients referred a friend and co worker to me recently, and thats how i met Sam & Shayden. 

These two were set up on a blind date by a family member. As you can imagine, it was probably pretty terrifiying to not know anything about the person and have a prearranged date planned. They said that the first date was relitively.........not good. But they gave it another shot!

Second date led to third

Third to forth

and not long after they ended up here,


Who knew blind dates worked?! So happy for these two. Funny how two people meet and fall in love. Its melts my heart to see so many couples so happy and in love and ecstatic for their big day. 

Congrats beautiful people!

Shayden & Sam

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