I just got asked to set up a blog for my brother who recently left on his mission..........and then... I remembered I had a blog

...Literally forgot this existed for a second there...

So here I am back at it with another post. Probably less inspirational than I used to be. Not that I think I was - but I actually had important things to talk about two years ago. Like Jesus and salvation and service and ETC. 
Anyway Now I'm just real basic sorry yall 👻

So first and far most, if you would like a far more interesting read check out this new blog my mom and I created for (elder) Ethan

He just left in September for Washington Federal Way. Missionaries are really awesome because they are weird and live this completely different lifestyle of 100% service and teaching and loving people. I don't know how you could not like missionaries they are just so dang nice. I'm excited for Ethan. He has already been out a month now which is absurd, time goes by so fast. I'm sure my mom (and his girlfriend) would disagree but DANG ONE MONTH. We get to skype him at Christmas - that'll be the highlight of the year right there.

*feeling nostalgic* 

Anyhow - check that blog out. And tell him he's awesome cause he totally is. I remember when I first started a blog somebody commented something CRAZY MEAN within the first month about how it was so showy and put words in my mouth stating that I felt I was A B AND C. Which is not the case, my friend. The purpose of blogging (in my 'humble' opinion) is to share experiences, stories, and see your growth. There's so much garbage on the internet why not make your little part of it happy, positive, inspiring and good?

I'm so glad I blogged my entire mission and have 18 months of stories to read back on. And I'm glad I was able to put all that out there - not to be showy- but to spread some goodness in the world? I really feel like what missionaries are doing is so important and should and CAN be shared in more ways than just one.

(aside from the fact that my mission was incorporating online missionary work SMH)

It just added to my annoyance,
I'm real sick of mean people lately

I'm so soft hearted it gets me all riled up when someone has one comment to say about A B C. Maybe it's because it's voting season and everyone gets argumentative about political campaigning........ but honestly. Let people do what makes them happy and be happy for their happiness ya know? Life is too dang depressing otherwise.


Spence and I bought a Car! We sold his little truck that we bought last November because it was two wheel drive and we wanted four wheel. So we used that money to buy a cute "mom car" (don't tell spencer I called it cute) it's a nisson rogue. We've never owned a nisson before but we really love it. It is spacey and drives smooth and the gas mileage is very reasonable for a four wheel drive crossover. It's gonna be our new road trip car.

Once October hits things get really busy for us. Ethan left on his mission, then it was birthday season. My mom, my husband, my mother in law, my sister in law, my brother in law and me all have birthdays in October right after each other. Spencers birthday we hosted a little get together with the fam, longboarded in the mountains and ate at his favorite places. (including veyo pies, tiki island and benjas)

We also got ski stuff for this winter (primary reason we needed four wheel drive) Spence Taught me how to ski last winter and we've decided it'll be a good bang for our buck to take weekend trips to Brian head resort every weekend because his family has a cabin up there. I've never been so stoked for winter Before! If you're into snow sports come with us :) Spencers entire goal this winter is to become a hard core ski bum.

This past weekend was our last lake day of the season - it was dang cold. But the sun was shining and I got a tan? That's October for ya. It was funny because one second we were in swimsuits on a boat and the next we were bundled up Under the stars on a mountain watching a meteor shower with some High school friends. St George is rad that way.

We're coming up on our one year anniversary here and we're super excited for What we have planned. As far as everyday life goes - we live in st george because we love it here. Both of our families are close and we love hanging out with our parents and siblings because they are the coolest people around. We're both going to school at Dixie state university and we both are working. We've stayed very busy all year - and are excited to keep piling new experiences and adventures to our lives.

Our goal right now is to get some Degrees under our belts, save up money, and enjoy life together as a married couple! We plan on sticking around southern Utah for our four year degrees and are currently in the works for what will happen next. Our hope is that as we study and reach our four year goal we will learn
And have a better idea of what we want to do next as far as education, careers and family life goes.


We're just a slightly unprepared this very second ;) Lastly i've been doing quite a bit of videography on the weekends. i have done Mostly weddings and missionary homecomings... but it has been fun and a neat learning experience. Basically what i do is show up at cool events and take short clips of this and that, decor, moments, events, family, friends, laughter, dancing, food, flowers, the good stuff ya know. Compile it all into a big video and package it to ship off. Ive been making a lot of personal videos as well - they are so fun to look back on because a video is like a photo times a thousand. There is so much emotion involved. I love going back and looking at my personal videos and reminiscing on good times and memories.



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