The end of October was by 22nd birthday AND halloween! Spencer surprised me with the ABSOLUTE SICKEST new camera and ski gear. We are so stoked for the winter season!!!!

I really dont have much interest in writing about my life currently because i write so much in my college classes and about WAY more interesting things. conveniently enough i have been able to write nearly every single required essay about my current job (HA) and its been AWESOME. ive done several different research papers, analysis, memoirs etc. about opioid dependency and its been reallly interesting to combine work and school.

currently i have to write a lyrical anaylsis and im strongly considering doing macklemores new hit single drug dealer? im not typically into rap/hip-hop music HOWEVER cudose to this guy for fitting so much poetry into a three minute song and making it have much more meaning than just the superficial stuff like 'watch me whip - now watch me nay/nay'


so i think i just might.

i like weird stuff

anyway ill just go back to writing essays now, enjoy these pictures of our halloween/my 22nd!

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