Hello There,
I'm Madison
I'm 22

I love the sunshine
I love the water
I love creating things.

I grew up in Southern UT until i turned 19

Between December 2013 and June 2015 I lived in Northern Virginia,
serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
My mission was called the 'Washington DC South'

To learn more about missionary work  click here.
If you are a future sister missionary seeking for 'mission advice' because you saw my blog on pinterest or something similar click here if you are seeking answers to further question about sister missionary life click there and if you want to cut to the chase and start reading stories click this


I currently live in Utah with my husband Spencer.
Weve been best friends since highschool

When he was eighteen, he left on a mission for our church to Indianapolis, Indiana for two years. We both lived out there on the east side of the states for a little while.

In 2015 we both returned home to St. George

Got Engaged

& Got Married

2015 was a great year


Hence the title of this blog,
and a reminder of all our adventures here after

'Post 15'

 *all that happens after 2015*

A couple quick facts about this blog:

I've been doing family history lately for our grandparents and have decided that creating my history now while im in the midst of living it, is the best time to begin. Because i am so interested in family history, photography and videography all as hobbies i've decided to use this blog as a way to keep track of my life with Spencer.

I'm always down to 'DIY.' 
I take document photos and videos, 24/7


I make videos//as a hobby. I've probably destroyed over seven canon digitals.
you can watch those here


I love to read
I'm a fan of MAZDA zoooomzoom. 
And all alternative music artists. 

I like everything done quickly, hence the reason 90% of this blog may or may not be completely undecipherable, similar to my handwriting.

I always have a hidden pack of classic double stuffed Oreos on hand. 
And if you like adidas sweatpants and sunshine we can hang.

Please consider yourself a friend! You can follow by clicking 'Join this Page' on the home screen. Links to my Pinterest page, Instagram, or Vimeo are also provided on the home screen.

the end 

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  1. Glad you found me on IG - I'm excited to follow along!